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William Bond

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Kali Prophesies

There are many stories about Kali in Hinduism which all seem to be different versions of the same story, suggesting that they came from a single source in the distant past. It appears that over thousands of years, the story was altered to fit in with the changing beliefs and ideas of different generations, with each version retaining a similar theme. Some of the stories seem to be heavily influenced by the patriarchal bias of the Hindu religion; others have somehow kept this to a minimum. it is one of these latter stories, translated into English by Ajit Moorkeriee in his book "Kali, The Feminine Force", that I would like to retell, to show how it can explain what is happening to our society today.

In this tale "The Great Goddess Durga or Devi was created by the united energies of the Gods when they became impotent after a long battle with Demonic Forces". The Demons are also called anti-Gods, and would be called Devils in western religions. When a new religion takes over a country the old Gods which existed before are usually turned into Devils. We can see this with Pan, who later became the Christian Devil, or Set, who was once a benevolent God, but when religion changed, became an evil God and was later the Satan of Judaism and Christianity. So the Demons were possibly the previous Gods of the Hindus.

One problem with our story is that in patriarchal religions, Gods are supposed to be all-powerful, and creators of the world. This has been accepted by most people until quite recently that the world was created by a male deity. So to patriarchal people, God is all powerful because he is the creator of the universe. To have Demons in this story who after a long war are more powerful than the Gods, points to it describing a time when the patriarchal age is in decline.

Who are the Demons? The biggest threat to patriarchal religion in recent years has been science. In the seventeenth century, Newton showed that planetary bodies move because of scientific laws and not by the hand of God. In the nineteenth century, Darwin put forward the theory that people and animals were created through evolution and not by God. Then in the 20th century, scientists postulated the "Big Bang" theory which showed that the Universe exploded from a singularity and was not created. Today, the Gods are no longer all-powerful, and in the western world many people do not believe in a God, or have serious doubts about his existence. So the story so far is a correct prophecy of now; the patriarchal Gods are finding themselves impotent in the face of the anti-Gods: science and atheism.

To win popular support, Christianity in the West is starting to rid itself of many patriarchal attitudes. Many believers are rejecting the angry and judgmental God of the Old-Testament, and returning to the more loving and caring Father God of the New Testament. They are also preaching the more matriarchal teachings of Jesus; tolerance and understanding of others, and using less and less, the strongly patriarchal teachings of the Old-Testament which emphasize intolerance and bigotry. Some are even going so far as to accept the concept of a genderless God and many sects are allowing women priests. In allowing the possibility that God could be both male and female, they are beginning to recreate a Goddess, as the Gods had to do in the Kali story in order to fight the Demons.

Because the power of the Church has been broken by science and rationality in our society, modern people in the West are free to worship a Goddess if they want to; thus the rise of the power of science is allowing the Goddess to return to us.

"Devi then has a long battle with the Great Demon and eventually destroys him. However, this victory was not the end of the episode. Two other Demons appeared with the intention of rendering the Gods impotent, so again they prayed for help from Devi". This part of the story is very similar to the later part of the story and seems to be two different versions of the same story joined together. There is a possibility that the stories of Kali are about the very ancient past as well as the future. If what is happening today has occurred in the distant past, it points to the possibility of a continuing cycle. In Hinduism as well as other ancient religions, the concept of great cycles or ages lasting hundreds of thousands of years exists. We live today in the Kali-Yuga age (Age of Iron) which started about 5,000 years ago and will go on for another 400,000 years. It could be suggesting that in our world we have ages where the Demons rule the Earth, and have to be defeated by The Great Goddess later on in the age. So Kali defeated the Demons in the Last great-age and will defeat them again during this age. 5,000 years ago is at the beginning of the Kali-Yuga age was also the time the recent patriarchal age started. So it does suggest that these ages start with patriarchy or demon rule and then Kali defeats the demons or patriarchy and matriarchy comes into being until the end of the age, then a new age begins starting again with patriarchy.

"Devi then came to Earth again, in disguise. There she is met by one of the Demons who tries to persuade her to see the Demon King. But she very politely declines the offer". In the nineteenth century many women began to realize that they were used as slaves by men in society. In the USA some women campaigned against slavery, only to realize that the slaves had the same rights in society as they had. They complained about this to men who tried to persuade them it was "natural" for women to be men's slaves and devote their lives to children and husbands.

So women in the last century began to question the status-quo and politely declined the "reasonable" arguments by men that they should accept their position in society. Women beginning to demand equal rights didn't have any confidence in themselves. They were easily intimidated by men who told them that women were not as clever as men because they had smaller brains. Or that women were too emotional to make sensible decisions about affairs of state. In the writings of the period, women show an undercurrent of anger about their situation of powerlessness. But they rarely showed this anger to men and used the 'feminine' ways of persuasion and patience to get their way. Women were disguising their feelings by being very polite to men, even though they felt great anger towards them. At the same time they didn't accept men's reasons for why they should remain dominated and go back to being submissive wives.

"The Demon King became enraged that Devi would not come to see him, and ordered a Demon Chief with an army to bring her to him by force. When they attempted to do this, Devi reduced the Demon Chief to ashes with the vibration of a hum she made. The army was destroyed by Devi's pet lion". The hum is used in Hinduism to create a harmonious vibration which helps meditation. In this century, women began to protest they were being unfairly treated by men and demanded equality. Harmony is created by equality because inequality creates resentment and conflict. So it was through the very sensible and reasonable argument for equality, put forward by women, that they gained their first victory over patriarchy. First by the Suffragette movement that campaigned for women to have the vote in western countries and then the women's Liberation Movement that campaigned for true equality. By being able to articulate the different ways men and women were being treated within society, they shamed many men into allowing women more equal treatment.

In very ancient religions, Gods were associated with animals; for example, Pan was half man and half goat and Horis was depicted as a bird-of-prey. A lion that can destroy an army has to have Godlike powers. if Devi is manifesting herself on this Earth through the women's movement, then it means the lion represents the men who have helped women to gain equality. Although men have not taken to the streets to campaign alongside women, women could not have achieved much in this century without the help of sympathetic men. These men were willing to vote for women's emancipation in male dominated legislative chambers, allow them in universities and employ them in male-dominated professional jobs. It was this type of men that countered the power of other men, who were greatly opposed to women gaining any form of power in society.

We can see a big difference in men as well as women from what was acceptable in the past and what is acceptable now. A Suffragist or women's liberation movement 400 years earlier would have resulted in a Witch-hunt, where men tortured and burned alive millions of women, who it seems at the time "didn't know their place". The fact that this didn't happen in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries shows that there had to be large numbers of men who were sympathetic to the women's movement and allowed it to progress without too much violent opposition. So the Suffragettes and later on the women's Liberation movement created, in theory, a more harmonious society where men and women are given the same opportunities in society.

"When the Demon King learnt that his Chief and army had been destroyed he ordered two other Demons and a larger army to bring her to him by force. On seeing this great army approaching her, Devi grew terrible with rage; her face turned black. Then from her frowning forehead jumped Kali, armed with a sword and noose. She is portrayed in the story as a hag, symbolizing the fact that she is a very ancient Goddess, far older than Devi. Needless to say, mounted on her lion, she totally destroys, in the most horrendous way, the two Demons and their army." We are now on more uncertain ground as this seems to be talking about something that will happen in the future. But there are signs that Kali is appearing in our society. The Dominatrix was mostly created by men's sexual fantasies, but today in the 21st century there are now many women who are also being turned on by the Kali archetype. These women call themselves Female Supremacists. They are not content with the idea of equality with men and want to dominate them. Since the nineteen eighties there has been a backlash against the women's Movement by religious fundamentalists and right-wing politicians, who have attempted to reverse all the gains made by the feminist movements. They encourage women to fulfil their traditional roles again, bring back antiabortion legislation and blame higher crime rates onto single mothers. This has already created anger in the women's movement. As the fundamentalist movement gains in strength, women will be forced to abandon their "we only want equality" stance, and realize that they are caught in a power-game where "the winner takes it all". Equality is not yet possible.

This will allow the women's movement to be Led by the Female Supremacists, who will inflict a defeat on the two demons of fundamentalism and right-wing politics. They will be helped by many men, symbolized by the pet lion Devi rides, who are greatly attracted to Female Supremacists, and more than willing to worship them and be their servants. As well as to fight on the behalf of the women's power.

"The Demon King, hearing of this defeat, sets out with his brother and an even Larger army against Devi, who separates different aspects of herself into many of the Hindu Goddesses and with the help of the loyal lion, destroys his army. When Kali fights the Demon King's brother, every wound she inflicts produces thousands of smaller demons. In the end she can only defeat him by swallowing him whole". The women's Movement has never been completely united even though they claim that THE SISTERHOOD IS POWERFUL. What seems to be suggested is that the more moderate wing of the women's Movement will try to distance itself from the Female Supremacists, and attempt to be more reasonable in what they demand. But the rise of the Supremacists will polarize society so much that they will be forced to fight alongside them. In the twentieth century most of women's gains were achieved by a small number of activists, while the vast majority of men and women were indifferent to the argument about women's rights. Equality between the sexes has not created widespread conflict in our society. But with the Supremacists insisting that women dominate society, this will change. Very few people will be neutral about this demand, and many will fight with great passion, either for or against it.

Probably the first countries to become matriarchal will be in the West, since it was in Northern Europe that patriarchy started. Today, Scandinavian countries have moved further towards matriarchy than any others, so it seems that matriarchy will begin there. With the West becoming matriarchal there will be problems in Eastern countries. Patriarchal rulers, seeing what has happened in the West, will try and prevent change, inevitably creating another war. The rulers will mount a propaganda campaign against women, out of their fear, making the women in these countries angry. With the support of matriarchal women from the West, patriarchy will be resisted and overthrown. One of the best weapons against matriarchy by patriarchy has been to make patriarchal women breed continuously, so that the patriarchal races outnumber the matriarchal. This is still true today, because in countries where women have gained some degree of equality the birth-rate has dropped, while in societies which are still very patriarchal the birth-rate is still increasing. So this is the demon that keeps on creating more demons, no matter how many times he is wounded. There is no point in trying to fight this demon; Kali could only defeat it by swallowing it whole. This means Patriarchy will have to be swallowed whole by matriarchy. The answer is not fighting, but an internal revolution in which countries and religions will become matriarchal because the majority of the people want to be matriarchal. In Greek mythology, there is a similar story . Hercules is sent to kill the many-headed Hydra. He attempts to do this by chopping off its heads, but each time he removes one, several grow in its place. He puts down his sword and drags the Hydra from its swamp into sunlight where it withers and dies. So it means enlightenment about the ills of patriarchy and the benefits of a female-ruled society will eliminate the demons of male domination.

Many people will think it impossible that a religion Like Islam could become matriarchal in the future, but not all Moslems are fundamental extremists. The only reason we have extremists today in Islam is because it is changing to a more moderate religion, and the extremists want to get back to how Islam was in the past. Women are still oppressed in Islam but they do not accept their Lot so easily as their mothers did, so the men are finding it more difficult "to keep them in their place". Islam today recognizes the threat to it from atheistic science and from its people becoming Westernized. The leaders of Islam know how important it is to keep popular support, and like Christianity will change to keep it. They have seen the demise of Christianity because it didn't change fast enough and quickly became out of step with the beliefs of most people. The teachings of Mohammed like Jesus, are open to many different interpretations. So if popular opinion begins to change towards feminism or even Female Supremacy they will have no choice but to follow.

This change is already happening in Roman Catholic countries like Italy and Southern Ireland. Although in these countries birth-control is still banned, the birth rates are not higher than any other European country and Italy has the lowest birth rate in Europe. Which means that most of the people are no longer following the Churches' doctrine of not using contraception. This gives the Church an uncomfortable choice, either to continue with its old laws and become completely out of step with the majority of the people, which will mean in time that they will become a minority religion. Or change and reflect the increasing power women have within society and eventually become a matriarchal religion.

"In the end only the Demon King was left, he started to taunt Devi, to encourage her to fight him on her own. She did not fall into this trap and brought together all the different aspects of herself including Kali. Then mounted on her faithful Lion destroyed the Demon King". As women start to overcome patriarchy, men will attempt to exploit the differences within the women's movement. So this is a warning to matriarchal women, not to allow internal differences to divert them from the main aim of defeating patriarchy. This realization will force women to forget their differences and join together as one, to bring about Patriarchy's final defeat.

This also gives a suggestion on how patriarchy will be defeated by Matriarchy. The last matriarchal age seemed to have ended through the violence of men, where the aggression of men seemed to be an advantage over women. But aggression can be also a great disadvantage as shown when the Romans conquered Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa. The Romans were not successful because of their aggression, but because of the passivity of their troops who were willing to obey the orders of their generals without question. It was soon discovered on the battlefield that a fighting force that fought together as one unit could easily defeat a much larger force that wasn't so united. The same thing happened in the English civil war in the seventeen century. The Royalists under Prince Rupert were mostly noblemen who even then were still a warrior class who learnt(sic) about warfare from an early age. Also Prince Rupert used mercenaries who were professional soldiers. With this advantage, Prince Rupert carried all before him early on in the war. His opponent Cromwell only had an army of farm-boys, who had no experience of war. But being on the bottom of the pecking-order were used to doing as they were told, Cromwell trained them into a force known as the Iron-Sides. When they took to the field of battle they fought as one and proved to be invincible, Rupert never won another battle and lost the war.

In business, and politics as well as war a number of people who are united can easily defeat a far larger number of people who are not united. This is men's disadvantage because their aggression makes it harder for them to unite with others as they are more likely to argue with each other than women are. During the whole patriarchal age the only way men could become united was by having a strong leader, who achieved obedience though intimidation and promise of reward. So a man who is working for a company is threatened with the sack if he doesn't do his job properly or receives reward in promotion if he is seen to do well. Women on the other hand have a far more responsible attitude to others and the community as a whole. They do not need rewards or threats to work for the good of others, and it has been only in this century that women have ever received money for what they do. Even today women are still working for nothing, looking after houses and husbands and bringing up children for no financial reward. This tack of ambition has been a disadvantage in a patriarchal society only whilst women have been kept separated by marriage. With marriage breaking down there is now an opportunity for women to come together and be united.

It has been noticeable that the feminist movement has achieved a lot without any leaders. All that was needed was for women to be informed of what was needed and they were able to organize themselves to benefit the cause. It is women's lack of aggression that makes it far easier for them to work together. Women fail to realize how much they have achieved in the twentieth century, changing from a situation of near slavery at the beginning of the century to near equality with men at the end. Which in historic terms is a very short space of time, something that it took men thousands of years to achieve at the end of the last matriarchal age. When women decide that they want to dominate and control society, men will be far too disorganized to prevent them. Even if all the fundamentalist forces join together to fight the women's movement, men will still be arguing and fighting among themselves and so will be too disorganized to resist the female Supremacists.

"After this The Great Goddess Durga departed, promising the Gods that she will nourish the world with vegetation growth".

As this story is told in patriarchal times it would be unacceptable to say that The Great Goddess will remain to rule the world. So we have to see that as something that was added to make it acceptable, or it would never have been allowed to be told. This is confirmed because Kali is called by her followers in India as both "The Savoir of the World" and "Female World Ruler", as we do not have a Female World Ruler, it has to be prophecy for the future.

The promise of the nourishment of the Earth is very interesting. Today with all our great forests being cut down and deserts Like the Sahara growing larger every year. Women will need to do a large amount of replanting to counter the Greenhouse effect and bring life back to many barren parts of our Globe. It is also of interest that the old Goddess Religion held trees to be sacred, and were reluctant to cut them down. The later patriarchal religions had no such inhibitions, and cleared the land to create man-made deserts. So it seems women in the future will reverse this trend and bring life back to the devastated parts of the world.

In other stories of Kali when she is defeating the armies of Demons, she gets drunk on drinking blood and cannot stop herself from killing. So much so, that the Gods fear that she will destroy all men on the Earth. In an attempt to save man, the God Siva come to the Earth and Lays on the ground in front of Kali. She walks all over him, and her anger evaporates. By doing this Siva in effect was totally surrendering himself to Kali. Which symbolizes, that the Female Supremacists will in the future keep on fighting until they receive complete and unconditional surrender from men. The gory images that come from Kali are completely unlike women, after all it is men who have started and fought wars. Most crimes of violence are committed by men so in this way Kali doesn't fit into the image we have of women. In spite of this, men have always suspected there is a tiger lurking within all women. Somehow the image of Kali becoming drunk with drinking blood doesn't become a surprise to us.

Rudyard Kipling wrote a very famous and popular poem call "The female of the species", which goes on to say she "is much deadlier than the male". In a time when women were seen by society as very much the weaker-sex. So it does indicate that we have an unconscious knowledge that women to can be extremely aggressive.

A glimpse of this aggression has come to light recently when male-striptease was introduced to women. Back in the nineteen sixties, with the rise of women's liberation, a few striptease shows decided to put on male strippers for women. At first they were given the cold-shoulder because it was considered by most women that only men lusted after naked flesh. Women were, after all, more interested in love and not so crude as to be interested in naked bodies the way men were. A few women did go to these strip-shows but only for a laugh, they of course claim they didn't take it too seriously. In spite of this, popularity of these shows grew and today more women watch strip-shows than men do. There is a great difference between how men react in seeing a strip show, men can be excited if they have never to seen a strip show before but they soon get used to it, and are calm about seeing naked women on stage. On the other hand women get hysterical over naked men to the degree women have rushed up on stage and some male strippers have needed bodyguards. Also it is acceptable for women to grab and handle the male strippers but today for men to do the same to female stripper is mostly very unacceptable.

Women's sexual needs have been oppressed for thousands of years, so when it is allowed to be released they become over excited. This is true of women's sense of powerlessness for thousands of years. At present Feminists claim that they only want equality but in the future there will be women who will admit that they want more than that. When women are no long ashamed to admit to wanting power over men, then as with striptease they will become over excited. In this state of mind if men make any resistance to women's demands then all hell will break loose. As women get better at organizing themselves men will not stand a chance, and like Siva there only mode of survival will be complete surrender. Even today this is beginning to happen when men marry or live with bossy women. They soon find that no matter how much they give in to them, it is never enough. Like Kali, women will want it all.

In the past we had Amazons, where men and women have met and fought each other on the battlefield. Whether this will happen again in the future, is something we can only speculate about. In the West the battle for Female Supremacy is being fought out in marriages where the divorce is on the increase, because women are becoming less and less tolerant of the demands made on them by men, who in turn are finding it difficult to cope with the demands made on them by women. The war could also be fought out in the Boardroom and in goverment. In education in the past most girls when they reached puberty began to dream about marriage and babies and lost interest in education. Recently this has changed, most girls in education today are continuing their studies and are outperforming boys at all levels of education. This suggests that in another generation most of the top jobs in our society will go to women.

In the end what will decide the issue is whether, the majority of people in society will want to live under patriarchal or matriarchal rule. As we can see around the world today, women have more power in some countries than in others. Sooner or later we will have in a few countries, genuine matriarchal rule. If women can demonstrate that they are better able to rule society than men, in these countries, it will create a worldwide revolution. Not that they will have to prove a lot, a look in history of how our world is run today. Demonstrates that women would have to try very hard, to do a worse job of running the world than what men do.

Creating a Caring World

In the Christian Bible it states that "God made man in his own image", but it would be more true to say that man created God in his image. Over the centuries we have created our Gods and Goddesses in human form, because we cannot understand or even imagine a intelligence greater or different from ourselves. So for this reason we have to see the intelligent that has created the universe as human. Because we have no other way of understanding or relating to it.

Attempts to go beyond the human image has failed as we can see in Taoism and Buddhism. Where the universal intelligent is referred to the Tao or Nirvana. In Buddhism it has become Buddha himself that has been worshiped like a God. While Taoism never got beyond the boundaries of China and was taken over in time by Buddhism. How we perceive what the Universal Intelligent to be like shapes our world-view. Which in turn influences how we run our societies and how we treat each other.

The first societies and civilizations worshiped the Great Mother but as this happened in prehistoric time, we today know very little about these societies. The oldest city ever discovered by archaeologist was Catal Huyuk, which is far older than either the Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations. Where they discovered a ancient city with no city wall or means to defend itself. Which points to the fact that the city existed for thousands of years in harmony and peace with its neighbours. So shocking was this discovery that the excavation was abandoned after only one acre of the mound was systematically recorded. Also thousand of pages of analysis still remains unpublished about the city. Today Catal Huyuk is hardly ever mentioned by archaeologists, as being the oldest city ever discovered by them. Recently excavation on the site has now reopened but it has created controversy with a Goddess group arguing with the archaeologists about the interpretation of what is being found.

The reason why knowledge of this discovery is so dangerous to the establishment is because it undermines the very foundation of patriarchy. Who blame all the wars, civil-wars, injustice, inequality and poverty in our society on to "human-nature". So for archaeologist to discover a society where it seems that wars and injustice did not exist. Points to the fact there is something very wrong with the way we have been running our societies for the last four thousand years or more. If this knowledge became wide-spread. Then in would create new political or religious movements far more dangerous to the establishment than what communism was.

What archaeologists also discovered about Catal Huyuk was that they worshiped the Great Mother. Which at first doesn't seem that important. Until you realize that the sex of the Deity that people believe to be the Creator of the world. Changes how they think and believe what the world they live in to be like. To examine these sexual differences we have to first accept that men and women are in-fact very different.

Women's liberationist in the 1960s put forward the concept that men and women are very similar. To counter men's criticism that women are too weak, too emotional, and less intelligent than men. So this has became the excepted dogma of the Feminist movement ever since. Then more recently scientists have done research that shows that the sexes are more different than people imagined. This research was suppressed for many years for fear of upsetting Feminists, until the evidence became overwhelming. What these scientists have discovered is that it is the hormone testosterone that turns a female embryo into a male embryo. This hormone makes a man physically bigger and stronger than a women. It also causes mental changes as the brain of a male is very different to that of a female. Making a man more aggressive, assertive and logically detached.

In the past men have claimed that their aggression and cold logic made them superior to women and for this reason it was right that they should rule society. This would be a very good argument if everyone was happy with the way society was run, but even men are not happy within it. As we can see in the number of violent revolutions in the recent past. Also workers having to go on strike to try and get a better deal. The great amount of criticism governments have to face about the way they are running counties. And the harsh and brutal methods, some countries have to employ to keep the people in order.

When we worship Gods and believe that the creator of the universe is a man. We assume that such a creator would be aggressive and judgmental towards us, as this is what men are like. We would expect him to lay down strict rules and laws and punish us if we do not obey them. Because this is the way male rulers on this Earth behave. So we would become fearful of our creator, it is not for nothing that many Christians even today call themselves "God fearing people". This world-view creates a fear-ridden society where people are not only frighten of God. Who they believe will destroy them and cast them in hell if they are not good. Also people become frighten of each other, because it is all right for the Creator to be aggressive and judgmental towards humankind. Then with this example in mind, it is then all right for normal people to behave in the same way to each other.

Jesus probably saw this problem very clearly and attempted to reform religion and society by introducing the concept of a loving and caring Father God. In attempt to break the cycle of fear generated by worshiping a angry and judgmental male God. This was only partly successful as the image of a aggressive and dogmatic God, proved to be far stronger than the image of the gentle and caring Father God advocated by Jesus. Which has resulted in most Christians having a image of God that comes from the Old Testament.

In the 19th and 20th centuries in the western world science broke the power of the Church. By putting forward the theory of "Evolution" and later the "Big-Bang" theory which "proved" that the universe and the life in it was created without a creator. The atheistic society encouraged by science has proven to be more humane than the fear-ridden medieval society that existed before it. As people have become more tolerant of each other, people have become aware of the injustices of society. Their has been attempts to create freer societies through Democracies and Republics. To create more equal societies though communism and socialism. Also people today are aware of other injustices like racism, sexism and even ageism.

In spite of the improvement in society created by atheistic science, it still reflects man's nature. The evolution theory talks about "the survival of the fittest" and "nature, tooth and claw". Claiming that all life is in competition with each other, with the strongest surviving and the weakest becoming extinct. Which is a very masculine point-of-view and reflects the way of thinking of the man who created this theory. Because men are naturally aggressive and competitive it is natural for him to look for this in the world he lives in. So when male scientists examine and observe nature they only see the conflict and completion within it. Failing completely to see the great harmony that holds everything together. Not realizing that without the great degree of co-operation and harmony that exists in all life and matter, their would only be chaos. No complex life-forms or intelligent could possibly exist without order. If the cells in our body stopped working together and co-operating with each other we would quickly die. The more complex and intelligent a orgasm becomes the greater the need for co-operation becomes to make it work. This has been clearly shown by the "Gaia" theory of James Lovelock, who took nearly 20 years to find some acceptance of his theory by other scientists and even today many still reject it.

So we can see that in worshiping a male God or believing in atheism gives a very negative world-view, which in turn has a negative effect on the way we run society and behave towards each other. Apart from the evidence from Catal Huyuk we have no way of knowing what worshiping a Mother Goddess would have on our world-view, society and personal lives. Because all knowledge of our prehistoric past has been destroyed, probably quite deliberately. As we know that both the Christians and Moslems made a point of destroying vast amounts of ancient manuscripts as well as the ancient Goddess Temples. While Judaism has suppressed all knowledge that the Jewish people once worshiped goddesses. The same is true in China where Emperors two thousand years ago made a point of destroying all ancient knowledge. If we are to except what the excavation of Catal Huyuk seems to show, that the city lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years. Then we have to try and understand what effect the worship of the Great Mother would have on people's consciousness.

It would be excepted by all people that the image of a mother is of someone who gives her children unconditional love. That she will always do the best for her children and will always be there to guide, protect and care for her children. If most of the people in a society was to except themselves as the children of the Great Mother and believe in her as the Creator of us all. Then we can see from the start what a feeling of protection, security and a sense of being loved that this belief would give us all. Also by the Great Mother giving us unconditional love we are encouraged to follow her example and give the same love to each other. This is the love that Jesus talked about in "Loving your neighbours as yourself" that never somehow caught on in patriarchal society.

This world-view also would give us all a sense of harmony in all things. Which would give us all a true understanding of what the world is really like. Both God worship and atheism encourages us all to look at the negative and chaotic side of life and to believe it to be all that there is. So we then take the harmony and co-operation and order that makes our universe and life possible, completely for granted. Not realizing that we are only concentrating on a small aspect of life and making it dominate our lives. We can see this clearly in newspapers and news reports where only the negative is reported. While the harmony and order that makes societies and civilizations possible is never even commented on and goes unrecognized.

By concentrating on conflict we attract it more and more into our lives. If we believe all people are aggressive and hostile then we are more likely to be hostile toward them. If we believe nature to be hostile towards us we also in turn attack nature. In the 1950s scientists would boast about there "conquest of nature". Today with all the problems of pollution and damage to the environment no scientist would make such a claim. As people realize that if nature is conquered then it will die, as we can see today with more and more species of animals and plants becoming extinct.

When we concentrate on the harmony of life then we begin to see it all around us and we are more likely to co-operate with this harmony. When we accept the unconditional love of the Great Mother, we begin to see it in others and give out our love in return. Which will create the virtuous cycle of love and caring. As opposed to the vicious cycle of hate and fear we saw in medieval times or even in extreme patriarchal countries of today.

The worship of the Great Mother in society will change the relationship between the sexes, men will no longer wish to dominate society. As he begins to realize that by imposing his nature on society he as created great conflict, fear and suffering onto it. While women will become more confident in themselves, as they realize that in following their own nature they can create a far better society then was ever created by men. They will also have the confidence to be themselves and not as in the past trying to follow man's lead. Or like today try to act and behave like men.

Women will in time learn to be assertive but yet still be able to love others unconditionally. By doing this they will be able to create a caring world that is unimaginable today.

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Why Men Need To Be Trained By Women

I believe it is natural for Women to be the Dominant sex, and the fact that we all live in patriarchal (Male dominated) societies, means that we are going against our natural instincts. This is why we live in a world of conflict, chaos, violence, war, injustice, poverty and suffering. If we were to go back to a Matriarchal (female dominated) world, then most of the problems of our world would be solved. We can prove that men are the natural submissive sex by looking at their behaviour.

It is natural for men to be totally obedient to authority; we can see this in the military. In the First World War, it was possible to take any young man of the street give him a few months training and then order him to come out of the trenches to face near certain death, facing enemy machine gun fire. These young men obeyed these orders without question. In the Second World War, the Japanese military ordered whole squadrons of aircraft to commit suicide attacks on enemy shipping. Again these Kamikaze pilots blindly obeyed these orders. This has been true throughout history; men will follow their leaders to the death. When the famous general Hannibal marched an army across the Alps, in winter, to invaded Italy in 218 BC, in the process he lost half of his men. Yet his men still blindly followed him through this horrendous journey and into Italy to fight the Roman legions. There are thousands of similar cases of this throughout history.

It is men’s blind obedience to authority that is the foundation of patriarchy. Every despotic dictator in the world can hold power because he has an army of young men who will obey him without question. These young men will terrorise, beat up, murder, arrest and torture the general population when ordered to do so. So it is these young men’s blind obedience to authority, that gives dictators such great power.

Another reason why I believe it is natural for Women to be the dominant sex, is that the patriarchal society has to put in so much effort to make Women submissive. In the 19th century in the USA, when rich and middle-class Women protested against slavery, they were surprised to learn that Women legally had less rights than black slaves. Up until the 20th century everything a Woman had, was owned either by her father or husband. Women were also barred from all earning too much money and were only allowed to do the poorest paying jobs. A wife had to swear to obey her husband when she got married, and her husband was legally entitled to beat her with a stick if she disobeyed her. Even in the early 20th century it was considered that a husband wasn’t a ‘real man’ unless he couldn’t make his wife obey him through violence.

The same is true of many Islamic countries today, where they have the ‘honour’ system. In this system, a man is ‘dishonoured’ if his wife disobeys him or is even ‘disrespectful’ of him. In this situation the only way he can regain his ‘honour’ is to beat her up or even murder her. There have even been cases where sons have murdered their mothers, because the mother has shown ‘disrespect’. (‘Disrespect’, can be shown, by simply protesting against this unjust system). All over the world patriarchal countries subject their people to powerful propaganda to convince everyone that men are ‘naturally’ the dominant sex.

Feminists have pointed out that history is basically, his-story. This is because the history we are taught at school is very heavily biased in favour of men, while all of women’s achievements are ignored and censored. His-story claims that men have always been the dominant sex from the time of the early Stone-Age until today. Yet there is archaeological evidence that Women once rule the world in the Neolithic and Stone-Ages, but this evidence is kept from the general public. (You can read more about Her-Story in my books, “Why Women Should Rule the World” and “Mermaids, Witches and Amazons”).

All these laws and customs, as well as the censoring of history, would not be needed if it were natural for men to be the dominant sex. Because if this was true, then men would not need to use violence, propaganda and oppressive laws and customs to keep Women submissive. Yet in the opposite case, Women can dominate men without any help of violence and oppressive laws. (I know some Dominant Women do beat and whip submissive men, but as most men are bigger and stronger than Women, a man has to voluntary agree to allow her to do this.) In many cases it is the man who is asking and even demanding that his wife or girlfriend dominate him. While in the case of Professional Dominas he will pay a lot of money to be dominated by a Dominatrix.

Paradoxically it is men’s natural submissiveness to authority that makes patriarchy possible. Unfortunately, in a patriarchal society instead of men giving their total obedience to Women, they will blindly obey alpha males, who will abuse their authority over other men. Leaders of patriarchal countries will irresponsibility start wars with each other, not caring about the destruction and chaos of these wars. Generals will send whole armies into battle and be indifferent to the casualties on each side. While in the 20th and 21st centuries military leaders have ordered the bombing of defenceless cities. In the Second World War large 1,000 bomber raids destroyed cities in Germany and two cities in Japan were destroyed by atomic bombs.

It has been mention by other Femdom writers, men are very much like dogs in the way they can be trained. A well-trained dog is a happy, obedient and loyal dog, who will always wag its tail to greet its owner and will enthusiastically do everything it is trained to do. A badly trained dog, like a pit- bull terrier trained to fight other dogs, for the purpose of ‘entertainment’, is extremely savage vicious and dangerous dog. Who is not happy, as it lives a life of abuse, fear and anger and will attack humans as well as other dogs. Dogs trained like this, have killed many children and badly mauled adults.

Men trained by alpha males can be even more dangerous. In the army men are trained to kill other men, and even outside of the military, men and boys are indoctrinated by what they see on films, TV, comics and nowadays, in video games. If men only see films of ‘heroes’ who are violent men and solve all problems through violence, then they are brainwashed to become the same. In Britain on average two Women per week are murdered by their husbands or male partners. Men commit the vast majority of murders and violent crimes, and it is patriarchy that encourages them to be violent so they can dominate Women through violence.

Patriarchal propaganda likes to claim that men are ‘naturally’ violent but this was proven to be wrong by the USA military. After the Second World War, the American army interviewed large numbers of soldiers who saw action. In these interviews the vast majority claimed they never killed an enemy soldier, they explained they prefer to shoot over the heads of the enemy. Only a small minority admitted to killing the enemy troops. This is not unusual, as military officers all over world have had problems in forcing their men to kill the enemy and this has been happening for centuries. In the past, to make troops kill, generals have had to completely brutalise there troops and teach them to hate the enemy. Since the Second World War the USA military have had to adopt clever behaviourist psychological techniques to brainwash their troops into becoming killing machines.

In our education and mainstream media there is very little to encourage men to be submissive and obedient to Women. Up until the 1950s male domination was considered to be ‘normal’. Since the rise of the Women’s liberation Movement in the 1960s sexual equality has now become the norm, but Female domination is still seen as very unusual. So that even if children are brought up by a mother who dominates their father and encourages her sons to be submissive towards Women and her daughters to be dominant, when they go to school they are encouraged to behave in a completely different way. And if they watch the TV or read books, newspapers or magazines there is little to support Female Domination. Boys at school will be told they need to learn to be macho, or they will be bullied. While girls are taught they need to ‘cool’ to socialise with other girls. This is because few children want to be called a ‘freak’ or be an outsider, and will do anything to be liked by other children.

It is a sad truth that a man can be trained to be a loyal and caring slave to Women or be trained to be a violent and savage brute. Unfortunately in male dominated societies, men are mostly trained to be savage brutes.

I can see this in myself. I was brought up to be a male chauvinist and really believed that men were the ‘natural’ dominant sex, and felt that something was wrong with me because I wasn’t like that myself. Then I met a Dominant Woman and I discovered through my relationship with her, my true nature. This caused me a lot of confusion because my true nature was completely different to the way I was brought up. I believe this is true for most submissive men.

This is why many men in the Femdom scene are very bewildered by their desires and behave like “Jekyll and Hydes”. This is because they have been brainwashed as children to believe that if they are submissive towards Women then there must be, “something wrong with them” and that they are ‘weak’ or are ‘wimps’. Patriarchal psychologists support this by claiming that submissive men have an ‘inferiority complex’. Though patriarchy also says to men that it is all right to be submissive to your male boss, or if you are in the army to be submissive to your sergeant and officers.

Fortunately patriarchal brainwashing is becoming less and less effective in Western countries and many men are starting to be more aware of their natural desires to be submissive towards Women. But this causes them confusion because sometimes they will follow these natural feelings and other times they remember their upbringing and resist these powerful desires. Other men try to rationalise their behaviour by claiming that it is just a perverted sexual desire. So they will only allow themselves to be submissive during the sexual act and resist their submissive desires in ‘normal’ life. The irony is that most men who go to Professional Dominas do not have sex with the Dominatrix, yet still claim it is all about sexual desire and fantasy.

Because patriarchal brainwashing has convinced men that there is, “something wrong with them”, if they are submissive towards Women, many men greatly fear these powerful desires. And for this reason keep well away from Dominant Women, and only have relationships with Women who have been totally brainwashed by patriarchy into being submissive.

So it means that most men have been very badly trained as children by the patriarchal establishment, in much the same as badly train dogs, are trained to fight and kill other dogs. This is why Femdom men do need proper training by Dominant Women. They need to know that their submissive desires towards Women are not a sign of ‘weakness’ or is ‘unnatural’, but are perfectly natural for all men.

Undoing all the bad training men have received as children is not always easy. This is because they have been brainwashed to have very bad habits. For this reason even though a man becomes in touch with his natural desires to serve and worship Women, the patriarchal brainwashing he has been subjected to, gets in the way of acting out these desires in reality.

Unfortunately because Women have also been brainwashed by patriarchy, most Women do not know how to be dominant. So when a man comes to them and asks or even demands that she dominates him, she also doesn’t know how to respond. This is why many Femdom men, ‘top from the bottom’ and tell the Woman how he wants to be dominated. Regrettably his desire to be dominated by a Woman is greatly influenced by the way patriarchy has brainwashed him, so he generally gets it completely wrong.

Another point is that by ‘topping from the bottom’ a man can still stay in control, and this is why many men get stuck in this phase, and don’t move on. It is understandable why many men do fear surrendering total control over their lives to Women, but because of this, he doesn’t experience fully his natural desire to serve Women. When a man realise just how unsatisfactory it is pretending to serve a Woman and not surrendering total control to her, he is ready to move on.

A man who is ready to surrender total control still needs to be trained properly, because he still has habitual responses, from the patriarchal society he lives in, that makes total surrender difficult. A Women in this situation needs to train a man very much like a dog-trainer trains a dog. A good dog trainer demonstrates to the dog she is training, that she is the pack leader or alpha female. She can do this simply by her body language and taking control. Sometimes this can work for men, but other men need a long period of training, to overcome the patriarchal training they received as children.

This is why men are trained to worship Women as Goddesses. The very act of kissing a Woman’s feet, repeatively, demonstrates to the man his lowly position, and learn a habitual response of seeing Women as the superior sex. In dog training a dog-trainer uses repetition of what she wants the dog to do, to get the dog properly trained. The military also uses repetition of giving soldiers orders, to teach them to habitually obey without question. This is also true of Dominant Women when training men. To overcome his patriarchal indoctrination, she needs to instil in him a habit of obeying Women as a habitual response.

It is true that different Dominant Women will want to train their men in different ways. But even so, men need to be trained in the basics. Just being trained to worship women as Goddesses and learn a habitual response to obey Women without question. will make if very easy for any other Dominant Woman to train him in ways she wants.

Also if a well trained man goes off to have a relationship with a Woman who is not confident in her Dominant nature, it means he is less likely to ‘top from the bottom’. He will encourage her Dominant desires without wanting to control her, and give her total power over him.

This is why people need to know and understand how the powerful patriarchal propaganda machine has brainwashed them as children to be the total opposite to their natural desires. Then through this awareness, human beings can come back to the natural instincts and live in a peaceful and loving world ruled by Women.

Mary Magdelene, Priestess of Isis

Although it is not mentioned in the official Bible, there is a well known story that Mary Magdelene was a prostitute. Although there is no written proof of this in the Bible or in the Gnostic Gospels so it would be easy to dismiss this story. Yet it also has to be remembered that when Christianity became a State religion there was at the time a vast amount of Christian text that the State officials had access to. Most of which was destroyed and only the what we know today as the New Testament was saved. Though in more recent time parts of the Gnostic Gospels have also been found. So it could be possible that references of Mary Magdelene being a prostitute might be in these destroyed Christian writings.

If we take this story seriously what does this mean? We know that Jesus did mix with prostitutes, tax-collector and the general outcasts of society. So is this then just another example of his tolerance and compassion? This might be one explanation but prostitute had another meaning back in Biblical times.

It is clear in the Old Testament that the priests of the god Jehovah hated the Priestesses of Goddess temples. We know this from the story of Jezebel. She was Queen of Israel but she worshipped the Goddess Astarte. For this, she and her followers were murdered by the followers of Yahweh. Later on her daughter Athaliah also became Queen and she also worshipped Astarte and again she was murdered. In an attempt to slander Priestesses of Goddess the priests of Jehovah and Yahweh referred to them as Temple prostitutes because it was known that in many Temples of the day used sexual rituals. (It was only in Judaism and later Christianity that sexuality became a sin.) So in calling Mary Madgelene a prostitute it strongly suggests that she was in fact a priestess of a Goddess.

One of the Gnostic Gospels was called "The Gospel of Mary" and this gospel it seems was the teachings of Mary Magdelene. Though according to the authors Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy in their book "The Goddess Of Jesus" The State Church renamed the Gospel of Mary to the Gospel of John. So the exploits of John was in fact the exploits of Mary Magdelene. Another Gnostic Gospel called Pistis Sophia (Sophia was the Goddess of wisdom) is about a dialogue between Jesus and Mary Magdelene whom he calls, "dearly beloved. In one dialogue Peter complained to Jesus that Mary Magdelene dominated the conversation with Jesus but Jesus rebukes him. In another Gnostics text called "Dialogue of the Saviour" she is portrayed as a very wise Woman who understood Jesus completely unlike the rest of Jesus's disciples. So it seems that Mary Magdelene was a very important member of early Christianity. To the degree that some modern scholars have suggested that She and Jesus were married. It is assumed by most Christians that Jesus was a follower of the Jewish faith at the time. But if one of his closest and important followers was a priestess who were hated so much by the priests of Israel. To the degree she could of been murdered if she was discovered. We have to wonder if Jesus also belonged to another faith that was very much different from orthodox Judaism.

What is very clear in reading the Old and New Testament is that the religion Jesus taught is very different from the religion of the Old Testament. Judaism at the time was a very violent religion, they believed in "a eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth". Jehovah himself was portrayed as a jealous, judgmental and avenging god. Very unlike the loving father god promoted by Jesus. There are passages in the Bible that make many Christian even today find very uncomfortable:

Matthew chapter 5 verse 38

Ye have heard that it hath been said. And eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth:
But I say unto you. That ye resist not evil: but whosoever she smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.
And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.
And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.
Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee and not turn not thou away.
Ye have heard that it hath been said. Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.
But I say unto you. Love your enemies, bless them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you:
That ye many be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth the rain on the just and on the unjust.

In Luke chapter 6 verse 27

But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.
Bless them that curse you and pray for them which despitefully use you.
And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take away thy coat also.
Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again
And as ye would that man should do to you, do also to them likewise
For if ye love them which love you, what thanks have ye for sinners also, love those that love them.
And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? For sinners also do even the same.
And if ye lend to them of whom you hope to receive, what thank ye? For sinners also lend to sinners, to receive much gain.
But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the highest: For he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.
Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father is merciful.
Judge not and ye shall not be judged: condemn not and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.

The above goes totally against the teaching of Judaism of the time. It must be remembered that the Jews took the promise land by violence. They didn't see anything wrong in slaughtering the previous inhabitancies of Israel, and claim it was all right because it was promised to them by their god. So if the teachings of Jesus didn't come from Judaism where did it come from?

We know from the Bible that Jesus spent most of his childhood in Egypt. A very important Egyptian religion of the time was the religion Isis and Osiris. Like Jesus Osiris was a god who was murdered and then returned from the dead. Many scholars have commented on the similarities between Jesus and Osiris. In that both gods were known by there followers as the Good Shepherd.. One of the symbols of Osiris is the Shepherd's crook and it is also symbol of rank for Christian Bishops. The image of Jesus's mother Mary holding him as a baby is also the same image of Isis holding her baby Horus who was fathered by Osiris. After Isis returned him from the dead. Also in Christianity prayers are finished by the words Amen. What most Christians don't know is that Amen is in fact another Egyptian god. So was Jesus trying to introduce an Egyptian religion into Israel?

The teaching of the three gods of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, come from ancient goddess religions who have the triple Goddess of Maid, Mother and Crone or wise woman. The triple Goddess is represented at the Cross in the form of the three Marys. Even today Roman Catholics call the Virgin Mary as "Mary Mother of God" which really should be a blasphemy because it indicates that Mary is the creator of god. This is in fact comes from a very ancient saying that claims that, "The Mother Goddess is the creator of all the gods". The name Mary comes from the Egyptian Maat and the Mesopotamian Mami or Mammitu which did mean Mother and was also the name of the Great Mother or Mother Goddess. The ancient Great Mother was also referred to the Virgin Mother to show it was She who created everything. In other words She was the beginning and nothing existed before Her. This then is the original meaning of the Virgin Mother.

So it all does indicate that perhaps both Jesus and Mary Magdelene were trained priest and priestess in Egypt. Probably in the Goddess religion of Isis. Then they were sent as missionaries to convert the savage Israelites to a more compassionate Goddess religion. They knew that to preach a Goddess religion would mean that they would be quickly killed. So they converted there religious beliefs to fit in with the beliefs of the Jews. This meant that they turned the Compassionate Mother Goddess into a loving father god. Perhaps Jesus may of fooled the common people in doing this but he clearly didn't fool the priests. They were probably very aware he was preaching a Goddess religion and when they got the chance, had him crucified. From the way Jesus reacted to his betrayal and execution, he knew he was on borrowed time, and was clearly prepared to die for his beliefs.

What happened to Mary Magdelene afterwards we do not know. It seems she did survive so she probably continued what Jesus started and secretly continued the teachings that both of them created. It is of interest that Christianity came back to Egypt where it grew into a strong religion until Christianity became the Roman state religion. Then the Roman Christians had all the Egyptian Christians slaughtered who didn't follow the Roman version of Christianity. Destroying also all the Egyptian Christian text which only a small amount has survived until today. This result in the Roman version of Christianity becoming more like a Jewish religion. With more emphasis on the Old Testament than the teachings of Jesus. With the compassionate Goddess teachings of Jesus being largely ignored by most Christians.

Matriarchal Men

There is a fairly popular perception that feminism or Female Supremacy is all about "male bashing", and it has to be admitted that in many feminist books this comes across very strongly, which leads people to think that the women's movement is a male v female argument. The problem with this concept is that some of the most strident critics of feminism are other women. While there are many men who are quietly supporting the women's movement, the role of men in the women's movement is mostly unseen and forgotten. In much the same way as in a Patriarchal society, where the women's role in unseen and not appreciated.

At the beginnings of the women's movement during the 19th century and early 20th century, their is much written about women demonstrating on the streets to have the vote. Or women courageously taking on careers that used to be exclusively for men. What is forgotten is that it was men in completely male dominated legislative, who were willing to vote for women having the vote, and later on anti-sexist legislation. Likewise when women tried have careers in male dominated professions, much is made of the fact that many men opposed this, but for these women to be successful in their quest, means that there had to be a large number of other men who quietly supported these women.

In recent years the women's movement is changing from wanting only equality to some women demanding domination over men and society. In this new phase of the women's movement not only have men played a role in this but have led the way.

The concept of women ruling society comes from men. About the same time the women's movement was starting at the turn of the 20th century, scholars like Johann Bachofen, Robert Briffault and Edward Hartland, claimed that in pre-historic times Matriarchy existed in many societies and backed up these assertions with a great deal of evidence. They also claimed that these societies were a more "primitive" form of society and the later Patriarchal societies were more developed. Probably they said this to make the idea of Matriarchy acceptable to their colleagues. But despite this these claims were attacked by other scholars and even today are not accepted by the academic establishment. The important point is that it brought to people's notice the idea of women ruling and dominating society in much the same way as men had in historic times.

So in spite of academic disapproval the concept has refused to go away, and later on Robert Graves wrote about it in his now famous but confusing book "The White Goddess". This book make similar claims as other Matriarchal scholars but he also goes so far as to claim that people were far better off under the ancient Matriarchal rule. Graves spent his whole life campaigning for Matriarchy, but it was only towards the end of his life that women authors and scholars began to support his beliefs.

In the 1970s two books by women authors made much the same claims. The first one was called "The First Sex" by Elizabeth Gould Davis which was a more easy-to-read "popular" book, and the second and more scholarly book was called "When God was a Women" by Merlin Stone. After this other women began to write similar books and it is now becoming an acceptable part of feminism, though some feminist authors like to insist that in these ancient Matriarchal societies men and women lived in equality. Even though what little evidence we have of these very ancient societies point to the fact that women dominated men in those times. So even today in academic circles there is still the attitude that it is all right for men to have ruled and dominate society but the idea that women might of done the same is still unacceptable.

Another new concept in the matriarchal movement has been Goddess worship, which again was advocated by Robert Graves. But it was another man who put it forward in a practical form.

In 1954 the British Parliament in an effort to get rid of old out-dated laws repealed the Witchcraft Act, because as far as they were concerned there were no Witches left and they had doubts if they ever did exist. Then a man called Gerald Gardner claimed that there were still witches living in Britain and he should know because he was one. He said he had been initiated into a coven that dated back to the middle-ages and that he broke their code of silence to bring witchcraft to all who were interested in it. He started what was called Gardnerian Witchcraft and this form of witchcraft was quite sensational in nineteen fifties Britain. They worshipped in the nude, (which proved a bit impracticable in a cold climate like Britain). They scourged the new initiates, (though most covens were only willing to do this ritually and not for real). They practised the Great rite which was when the High Priestess and High Priest had ritualised sex together. (Again most covens were not willing to go all the way and only simulated the sex-act). And they also worshipped both a God and Goddess.

Today even among modern witches there is a lot of doubt if Gardner ever was initiated into a genuine witch's coven and what he claimed to be witchcraft was probably his own invention. Though people who have investigated his life, have claimed that they have discovered that the person who he claimed initiated him into witchcraft was a real person. So perhaps he might have been telling the truth after all. Or he might have found the remains of a genuine Witch-cult and then "modernised" it for people of the nineteen fifties. Whatever is the correct explanation, he started the modern pagan movement which then spread to the USA and Europe.

He created one problem with his form of witchcraft in that he made the High Priestess, the most important figure in the coven. Unfortunately very few women in nineteen fifties and sixties Britain were authoritative enough to take on this role. So either the High Priest had to take over as leader, or he had to look for and train a High Priestess to act authoritatively. The real achievement of Gardner is that he brought back Goddesses and Priestesses into modern western life as well as showing that sex could be a sacred act.

The only area in our modern society where Matriarchy has gone "all the way" is in the modern S/M Dominatrix scene. Even hundreds of years ago in the rigid Patriarchal society, some men have paid prostitutes to dominate them and to allow themselves to be worshipped by their clients. The word masochism come from a man called Von Sacher-Masoch who wrote books in the 19th century like the famous "Venus In Furs" about men being dominated and humiliated by women.

In recent years the S/M Dominatrix scene has been growing in leaps and bounds. In the nineteen fifties many prostitutes were surprised to find clients who were not demanding sex at all and were willing to pay for the privilege of doing their housework for them. Then other clients were asking to be whipped by prostitutes and to be allowed to worship them. At the same time many were encouraged to dress up in macho black leather, rubber and P.V.C and so the modern Dominatrix came into being. The interesting point about this is that it is men who demanded and paid for women to behave like this.

At first Dominatrices were only contented to simply fulfil the client's sexual fantasies but even this is changing. Many Dominatrices are finding they are enjoying dominating their clients and when the clients come to them it is they who set the agenda and not the client. So it is coming to a situation where the client is paying for the privilege of serving and giving the Dominatrix a good time. Some of these women do not like to be called Dominatrices and they point out that many Dominatrices only fulfil the client's sexual fantasies. So they like to call themselves Dominas or other names to show that they are the ones in charge and not the client. Other women are going further than this and call themselves lifestyle Dominatrices or Dominas. That is to say they have permanent male slave(s) who live with them to do their bidding.

In our present society a women can only dominate a man with the man's consent. Because a man is mostly bigger and stronger than a woman, this is also true in cases where a women uses physical violence on a man. Even if the women is into Body-building or karate, a man is still free to walk out of the relationship. So again it is men who are helping and encouraging women to dominate them. If a man refuses to hit back against a violent woman or stays in a violent relationship, he is in effect communicating to the woman he still loves her in spite of how she is treating him. Which is a great boost to the woman's ego and encourages her to continue to abuse him.

In pornography a sex-education film that only shows men and women having normal sex becomes quickly very boring. To make pornography interesting it requires either the man to dominate or degrade the women or the women to dominate or degrade the man. This is probably a clue why men find the feminist ideal of equality between the sexes boring and uninteresting, to the degree that many men treat feminists with contempt, probably because they fall between two stools. They are not passive enough for Patriarchal men to dominate them and so are not interested in them and are not assertive enough to dominate men and so fail to excite Matriarchal men.

There has never been a point in history where men and women have been equal. In recorded history men have dominated women and today where we are supposed to have equality, there seems to be a sex-war, with over half of all marriages now breaking down and the need to have marriage councillors to settle disputes in marriage. Many reasons are suggested for this breakdown in traditional marriage, but the main one given is that today women are demanding more from men. This has resulted in turning marriage into a battle ground where both partners are striving to gain power over the other.

In the past marriage was easy because society dictated that it was the man who wore the trousers and was the boss. Now it is politically correct that marriage should be equal, but somehow this is unacceptable to both men and women. The relationship between men and women will once again become harmonious when it becomes acceptable that women should be the boss in any relationship between men and women.

In the future if women are to take control of society they cannot do this without the active support of men. This is because men for thousands of years have been learning to love themselves which means they have larger egos than women. This makes men more confident, arrogant and assertive than women. Because women have far smaller egos than men, it becomes difficult for women to be assured and conceited enough to say that they should rule society. Men have far less problems with this and are more able to criticise the Patriarchal society and praise the behaviour of women.

Love and Power

The reason why patriarchy is so bad for all people is because it has separated love and power. Patriarchy likes to claim love is ‘weak’ or ‘unrealistic’, the result is that in a patriarchal society those who have power are unloving, and those who do love have no power.

Yet to say love is weak is a total lie. This is because we all need and want love. As a child we have little chance of survival, without the love of our mother. When we grow up we very much want to be loved by others. Love is universal, and it is what we all want and crave. So why would anyone think that love is ‘weak’?

In a patriarchal society everything is given a monetary value, except love. Everyone knows that if we were to buy love, it is meaningless. If a person loves us because we have money, it means they don’t love us, they only love the money we can give them. So love is outside of the commerce of patriarchal wheeling and dealing. It is also outside of patriarchal power games. A person doesn’t gain power in a patriarchal society through being more loving than other people. In fact, it is the exact opposite, as we are frequently told, love is a weakness, in patriarchal power-games.

This means that the lack of love in patriarchal societies becomes its main weakness. Patriarchy can only survive while there is no competition from Matriarchy. If patriarchy was to completely fairly with Matriarchy then patriarchy will lose. This is because Matriarchy can deliver love to the people and patriarchy can’t.

What the ordinary person wants more than anything else is to live in compassionate and caring societies. They want to be ruled by genuine loving people, who truly love the people they rule. Patriarchy says; this is impossible and a unrealistic Utopian dream. And yes, they are right in patriarchal societies; a caring and compassionate society is totally impossible while men rule our world. But is very possible, if Women ruled instead.

When Women have power and use this power to express their love for the people they rule, then you have a unbeatable combination, of love and power together. If you ever had a government of powerful and loving Women, who create a caring and compassionate society. Then no-one in their right minds would ever want a patriarchal society again.

This then is the power of love. Love becomes all powerful, when loving Women gain the power to rule our societies. This is why patriarchy cannot compete and why it needs to keep women powerless. Because once Women do gain true power and begin to rule communities and countries, then, all people all over the world will want the same and Matriarchy will quickly rule the world.

The Case For Having an Ego

In eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and the modern New-age movement, people are taught that they need to overcome their egos to become "enlightened". Even in religions like Christianity have a similar concept, where to "enter the kingdom of heaven" a person has to become humble and meek. In the new-age moment the ego is portrayed as the bad guy, and seems to play a similar role as the Devil does in Christianity. So instead of the Devil encouraging us all to commit sin, it is the ego that plays this role.

To be fair there is good reasons to believe that the ego is a Devil. Because it is easy to claim that all the suffering that we experience in our world is created by the ego. The ego is a sense of self, which in itself seems harmless enough, but a sense of self gives a feeling of separation from everyone else. Which in turn leads to selfishness because the individual person's needs and desires become more important to him than the needs of others. Then if others also have this sense of self, there becomes competition from others to have there individual desires completed. Which creates the situation of some people gaining more while others miss out. This can lead to violence and intimation as some will find this the easiest way to gain what they want. Creating within people hatred and fear of others where people have to fight others not only to gain what they want but to simply survive. From this can lead to a sense of hostility and conflict as the other is perceived as a threat to the self. This causes a clash of egos as the egos of different people compete with each other for wealth, power, love and status. The ego in effect creates a vicious circle of hate and fear as each ego fears other egos and attacks other egos as a way of defending the self.

The effect of the ego we can see in our history and in the world to-day. All wars are created by the ego, as war-leaders attack other countries to gain land, wealth and power or because they fear being attacked themselves. The ego also creates inequality in society as the rich and powerful want greater wealth and power at the expense of the poor who they exploit. So it means we can blame all the wars, poverty conflicts and suffering of the world on the ego.

Because of this many religion believe that as the ego is the cause of suffering and they assume that if we are able to destroy the ego then suffering will cease. Eastern religions have attempted this though meditation and other spiritual disciplines. Many people through these methods have claimed to have overcome the ego, which has resulted in these people being acclaimed as being enlightened. Unfortunately the concept of enlightenment is probably one of the most powerful ego-trips a person can have. Because many of these "Enlightened Ones" can have armies of followers who worship them as gods, hang on every word they say and obeying everything the "enlightened master" tells them.

Religions like Christianity and Mohammedanism and political systems like Communism and Fascism have attempted to overcome the ego though force and indoctrination. Where the individual person was encouraged to forget his personal needs in favour of that of the state. Unfortunately, although the common people were not allowed to have a ego this didn't apply to the leaders. Who took all the wealth and power they wanted and some like Stalin, Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung became ego-maniacs. So today we can see that the ego is still with us, and all attempts to overcome it have failed, but if all the ills and problems of people and society can be blamed on the ego then we should try to understand what it is and why we all have one.

All religions believe that the world was created by a creator. Even though they might disagree about the nature of that creator, we have to assume that an intelligence that is clever and powerful enough to create our universe has to know what it is doing. So in would seem crazy that such intelligent would create something like an ego that causes so much suffering unless it has purpose. We cannot assume that the ego is a mistake as some people seem to believe because the creator if it can create the universe then surely it can rectify such a mistake. So this means that the ego must have a very useful service.

The ego not only causes us all suffering it also shapes our lives, and none of us would be human without a ego. Because without a ego or sense of self we all would be at one with each other and all that there is. Which sounds wonderful, and is claimed that this is the state of enlightenment that we all should be searching for. Until we realize that in becoming one and there for no longer having a ego we would no longer exist. We would all simply be a small part of a greater intelligence, with no free-will of our own. So we would become like a colony of bees or ants, with no individual having a sense of self and everyone working for the good of the whole.

So it seems that we have a choice we can be an individual with free-will but have to put up with the suffering that the ego causes. Or become one with each other so there for living in harmony with everyone with no suffering but also with no sense of self or free- will.

If we accept that our creator is not stupid or uncaring, then we have to accept that there is a solution to this problem. If we look closely at suffering we find that even this has a purpose because as many spiritual people have realized it is though suffering that we learn. We have to accept that the ego is us, it is not separate from us as many religions claim. It is we who cause suffering to ourselves and to others, not because we are evil or sinful but because we truly do not know what we are doing.

Unfortunately our creator is limited in what it can do to help us to learn in overcoming suffering. This is not because She is not unlimited but because we are limited in our understanding. Our creator has the same problem as a parent of a child. If the parent looks after the child too well the child doesn't learn how to look after itself and is unable to become independent from the parent. If the parent gives the child too much freedom the child learns quicker to look after itself but is more likely to make mistakes and cause suffering to itself and to others. The creator cannot even give us the benefit of Her great wisdom, because that would discourage us from thinking and creating for ourselves.

When our Creator created us She not only gave us our ego, which is the gift of individuality, but the gift of being able to love. Surprisingly love is not something that comes naturally to us but something we all have to learn to do and it is because we havn't completed all our lesions in love that we are unable to control our egos.

There are very many lesions in love, but the most important ones are on how to love ourselves, to love others unconditionally. To both give and receive love, To love others as individuals, To love all people as a whole. To love others who hate us and do us harm and how to balance the love we have for ourselves and the love we have for others. In our relationships with others we live in a sea of love, but love is a very powerful force, too powerful for us to handle. Creating both suffering and joy for us all, but it is only by working with love that we learn to understand it and learn to use it without being harmed by it.

We are all learning about love in many very different ways, but the biggest different in the very different ways men and women are learning about love. If we look back in history then we see that, that in all societies of the world it always has been that men have dominated women. This domination has allowed men and women to learn two very different lesions in love. For the last five thousand years of recorded history men have been learning how to love himself. By learning to love himself he has learnt how to create a ego, or how to be a individual. Women at the same time have been learning how to love others unconditionally, in very adverse conditions. Women have learnt to love men and children who have given her very little love in return, and in many cases women have received only abuse from men in return for there love.

It might seem surprising that we have to learn to be able to love ourselves, but we can see the very great differences between people and the way they are learning about love. On one hand there are many people who live in poverty who believe they are unworthy to receive anything. On the other hand there are ego-maniacs like say Alexander the Great, Napoleon or Hitler who through conquest, have caused the deaths and maiming of millions of people and the destruction of whole communities. Who only do this so that they can say, "Wow, look how many countries I've conquered".

There is nothing wrong in loving oneself and we are on this Earth to learn this, but a person who love themselves without also learning to love others is out of balance. Likewise a person who is able to love everybody except themselves is also out of balance.

The whole of the patriarchal age has reflected the unbalanced state were men have only learnt to love themselves and women have only learnt to love others. Today in the twentieth century we are starting to see men learning how to love others and women starting to learn to love themselves. But this is only a beginning men still have a long way to go to reach the degree of unconditional love and self-sacrifice of a normal woman. While woman likewise still have a lot to learn to have the large ego the average man has.

This is why we are moving towards a new matriarchal age where the roles of the sexes will be reversed. Where men will learn to love others and women themselves. It will only be when both men and women have completely learnt the lesions of loving themselves and loving others will both sexes be able to come together in equality and complete love.

Sadomasochism and Mysticism

On a superficial level it would seem that Sadomasochism and Mysticism are as far apart as you can get. Mysticism is suppose to be about getting away from desires of the flesh and Sadomasochism is about expressing these desires in an extreme way.

Yet the heart of Mysticism is the concept of; "know thyself". In other words it is about people who learn to observe and understand themselves. This is also true of people into Sadomasochism, they also become aware of their deepest desires as they act them out and express them in real life.

Mysticism is associated with religion, yet religion and mysticism are in many ways, complete opposites. This is because many religions are about making up rules and laws and then threaten people with hell-fire if they don't follow these laws. A true mystic recognises no laws or doctrine because the mystic knows that these things get in the way of self-awareness. It is very difficult to search within yourself if you are censoring thoughts and feelings that you believe will condemn you to hell. Nor does true mystics judge themselves or others because they know that judgement is a final conclusion and that prevents further inner exploration and awareness.

Many people find comfort in the rules and laws lay down by religions. They are taught that the Bible or the Koran is the word of God, so all they have to do is follow the laws laid down in these books and everything in theory should be all right. Unfortunately Christian and Muslim societies are not peaceful loving societies, they are full of conflict, fear, intolerance and hatred. So there must be something wrong with the belief that either the Bible or the Koran is the word of god. What is clear from thousands of years of recorded history is that laying down laws and enforcing them, do not make for a harmonious world.

Mysticism takes a very different point of view. Mystics look for the root cause of conflict, hatred and suffering. Unlike religions they don't blame all the problems of the world onto a scapegoat like the Devil as they realise that suffering comes from within. It is obvious to most mystics and even some religious priests that the root cause of all suffering is fear and hatred. So that if all people were able to love each other and themselves then suffering would disappear. But unlike a priest a mystic knows that you cannot make people love each other by making it a law and then threatening people with hellfire if they don't obey it. This is as stupid as being threatened with violence and being told, "love other people or else". Off coarse in this situation people will pretend to love others but how they truly feel will be the same and they will secretly hate those who threaten them.

Love and hate are feelings and feelings are not so easily influenced by thoughts. So even if a person see the logical need to not to hate others and love all people, they will still find that the feelings of hatred will still exist within them. So religious people try to suppress their feelings of hatred for others and try to pretend that they love others. While mystics practice self-awareness and realise that hatred still exists within them and so they will bring up their feelings into the light of consciousness to understand why they fear and hate others.

One of the biggest obstacles for people to gain self-awareness is judgements about good and evil. All people like to believe that they are good. So when a person judges themselves to be good and then discovers that they have thought, feelings and behaviour that are not good. Then the person attempts to suppress these thoughts and feelings to change their behaviour. To do this the person goes into denial of any "bad thoughts" he or she may have and they are pushed into the unconscious mind. This means they are the unacceptable thoughts and desires and still in the unconscious mind but now are denied by the conscious mind. Unfortunately most people seem to do this even if they are not religious minded. So it means that many people are unconscious of many destructive thoughts and feelings within them. To the degree that it is possible for people to act in a hateful way towards others and be unaware of doing this. They mostly justify their hate by claiming that other people they are hurting are evil.

Any mystic who practices self-awareness soon begins to realise the whole of society is completely insane. We live in a world full of conflict, crime, wars and poverty. Politicians and priests put forward laws and beliefs about how to correct the ills of society yet all these solutions have been tried thousands of times before without changing society for the better.

It is impossible for anyone to love others and yet judge another as being evil. What is not understood that in the conflict between good and evil, everyone wants to think of themselves as being good. So even if you take a person like Hitler or a serial killer or a torturer, people might claim these people are evil but they themselves think they are good people. The paradox is that Hitler felt justified in murdering millions of Jews, turning eastern European people into slaves and declaring war on other countries because he believed that anyone who wasn't a Aryan were evil degenerates. Likewise a criminal justifies his actions by claiming that the whole of society is evil and unfair, so he feels he has to attack others to survive. Likewise a soldier who obeys orders to practice genocide and torture feels justified because to him the people he murders and tortures are also evil.

Once we judge another person as being bad, wrong or evil we have created division which can lead to fear, hatred and in extreme cases murder, genocide and torture. The root cause of this conflict is lack of self-awareness. As Jesus once said; "before you attempt to take out the splinter out of the eye of your brother take the beam out of your own eye first". Many of us can claim that we do not hate others to the degree we would murder them. Yet collectively our fears, intolerance and hatred of others does create unfair, uncaring and violent societies. The amount of conflict, violence and poverty in any society is a reflection of the lack of love all people have for each other.

This creates a problem; how do we love people who have committed crimes like rape and murder? It is natural to want to hate such people and have them punished in some way. But desires like this are very destructive and create a vicious cycle of fear and hatred. In the First world war, after Germany was defeated, the allies decided to punish German by making her pay for the cost of the war. This caused wide-spread poverty in Germany, which was made worse by a world depression. This built up a large reservoir of resentment and hatred in Germany resulting in the rise of the Nazi party and the second world war. After Germany was defeated a second time the Allies started to make the same mistake and again started to punish Germany. They then realised the threat from the USSR and realised that they needed the German people on their side against communism. So money was poured into Germany to help them to recover. This helped the German people to make friends with their former enemies and prevented more wars happening in Europe. It was the ending of the destructive power of hate that allowed the Allies break the cycle of hatred and fear between the countries of Europe.

We can break the cycle of hate and fear through self-awareness. This then means that the more we can all own up to our fears and hates the more able we are to give them up. A sadist in the BDSM scene is bringing out in the open his or her feeling of love for themselves and hatred for others. While the masochist is bringing out his or her feelings of hated for themselves and love for others. Many religious people attempt to suppress their sadistic and masochistic feelings because they judge that these feelings are "wrong". In so doing they keep them bottled up and they stay with them until they are expressed in violent situations like war, riots and witch-hunts.

For people in the Sadomasochism scene by acting out their S/M desires they are not only acting them out in a controlled fashion so they are less likely to do lasting damage to others. They are practising a form of self-awareness that allows them to deal with their feelings of fear and hate. They are also practising tolerance and non-judgement for themselves and others. In other words they are following the teachings of; "know thyself." So people into Sadomasochism are practising mysticism even if they are unaware of this.

The more we are able to express feelings of hatred for ourselves and others in conditions where they don't get out of control. The more we drain off the suppressed feelings we have dammed up within us and bring them into the light of consciousness. When we have done this over a period of time it allows us to look at these feelings without fear of being taken over and controlled by them. When this happens we find we then have a choice, we can either choose to love or hate ourselves and others. If we have enough awareness to know that hate brings about suffering and love brings about joy and happiness. We can choose love and joy without the fear of suppressed and unconscious hated and fear within us coming to the surface and taking us over. This then means we are able to choose to love both ourselves and others at the same time.