Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Singer Not The Song

Today we have many worries and fears, every day on the news we see and hear of civil-wars, famines and the damage that pollution is doing to our environment. Some people worry about these things so much that they assume that the world is coming an end very soon as they see no way that we are able to solve these problems.

Unfortunately, the fears and worries we are having today are not unique, we have in our history very similar and even worse fears. Today we may worry about say Aids, but the fear of this illness would be nothing to compare to the fear people had of the Black Death of the middle-ages when more than half of the population died of it. Or even the influenza out-break, after the First World War that killed more people than died in that War. It is very hard to look back in history to find a time when there wasn't a major disaster like a war going on, or when people were not living in poverty. Even environmental damage is nothing new, the Ancient Greeks destroyed most of their fertile land over two thousand years ago through de-forestation. The history of mankind has been a history of suffering, conflict and just plain stupidity.

Also like to-day there has always been many people are very aware of the problems that we are creating for ourselves have attempted to solve these problems. The first real attempt was though religion. The priests of many religions realized that the root cause of conflict, war and poverty was greed and selfishness. So they began to urge people to care about others more, when this didn't seem to work they then claimed that they would "burn in hell" if they were not good. Unfortunately even this didn't work as people would only obey the letter and not the spirit of these religious laws. So like good a lawyer they would find ways to get around the laws. Like in the Ten Commandments that says "Thou shalt not kill", priest only used this law when it suited them. Capital punishment was condoned by them up until quite recently, as were wars against other nations involving the wholesale slaughter of battle. The priests also never gave and good example to the people as they showed that they could be as greedy and selfish as anyone else. Confronted by this failure it is no wonder that priests of the Christian religion began to believe that all men were born into "sin" and were basically evil.

After the failure of religion, politicians then tried and from this became new political systems like democracy, socialism and communism. Democracy did improve society slightly in that it enabled the people to get rid off unpopular governments without bloody revolutions. Communism was a complete failure because it was unable to bring about an equal society. While socialism has only succeeded in the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe, everywhere else they have become very conservative in outlook.

Religion got to the root of the problem when they point out that wars, pollution, poverty and even famine is caused directly or indirectly by man's selfishness and greed. This also has been recognized by capitalism because it has recognized that man is basically selfish and has used his selfishness in a positive way. By rewarding productive and creative people with money, though it also has created a dog-eat-dog society where the winner take everything and the losers are exploited.

So this is the problem that we have, if the people who lead and organize society are basically selfish and greedy, in the end they can only create an unequal and uncaring society. In other words it seems that we have got the governments and societies that we deserved. We might complain about governments and multi-nationals but our leaders and rulers are not a separate species of animal from us, and if we were in the same position as they can we truly say we would behave any differently?

This paints a very bleak picture, if religion and politics have failed what is there left? Do we need a new political system like the green movement or a new religion like the new-age movement? Without sounding too cynical, are they only the only the same old solutions dressed-up in new clothing? Already we can see the conflict and in-fighting within the green and New-age movements as people within them fight for position and power.

If religion says that man is inherently evil, does this apply to women? Patriarchal religions would of coarse say that women are more evil than men and at one time claimed that they had no souls. Recently scientists found a more down-to-earth explanation as to why men behave the way that they do. The differences between men and women are created from when a child is conceived to when it is fully grown by the hormone testosterone. It is this hormone that not only changes an embryo into a male, but it makes a male bigger, stronger and more aggressive than a female. If we were to analyze all the reasons for conflict, wars, suffering and poverty in our society then we can trace it back directly to man's aggression.

Aggression might of been very useful back in the stone-age, when people had to fight-off dangerous animals like sabre-tooth tigers. But today when men have weapons of destruction like machine-guns and nuclear-weapons. Then clearly his aggression becomes a danger to us all. This was shown clearly during the cold-war in that had the rulers of the super-powers been slightly more aggressive then man could of committed global suicide through the use of nuclear-weapons.

This aggression is not only expressed in warfare but in science and technology. Back in the 1950s scientists used to boast about the "Conquest of nature" by them. Now with the environmental damage caused by pollution creating the hole in the ozone-layer and global warming. Scientists have backed off from making such statements. Unfortunately the attitude still remains the same. Dangerous chemicals are still dumped in the oceans and genetic engineering is used to create new insects, bacteria and virus. Which are let loose into the environment with no-one having any idea what the long-term effect will be of these new species in the eco-system.

In the thousands of years of recorded history we have seen the effects of men ruling society. What we have not experience is what it would be like with women ruling society. Looking at man's history of conflict, wars, inequality, poverty and incompetence. It would be hard to imagine anyone doing a worse job at running the world than what man has done.

Probably the biggest difference with women ruling the world is not only that women are far less aggressive than men. It is the different interests of men and women. This can be seen at a very early age with boys wanting to play with toy cars, planes and guns, while girls are happy to play with dolls. Girls as a whole start to talk earlier than boys and develop a larger vocabulary and better social skills. As children grow up boys become interested in things while girls become interested in people. Because men are more interested in things rather than people, it is easy for them to dehumanize others. So a General in the First world war could send millions of men to death in the face of machine-gun fire. Without any thought of the individual lives and families being destroyed through this action. They were even able to create build and use weapons that could destroy a whole city. As with the nuclear attack on Japan at the end of world war two.

Although women have shown that they can be as ruthless as men as we can see with women like Margaret Thatcher. It is harder for women to forget that other people are human beings like themselves. Not only have they shown that they care for others more than men. Because they have a greater interest in people they understand more clearly how to deal with them. Which is the best qualification one can have in ruling society. Men have on the whole ruled by fear, intimidation and rewards and that hasn't been the best way to rule people.

How incompetent men are in the way they rule is clearly shown in their treatment of criminals. From an early age when a young man commits a crime he is put into prison with other criminals. Prison then becomes a "university of crime", where he learns from older criminals how to commit crimes more effectively and to make criminal contacts. Even today criminals are treated harshly which brutalizes them, if they didn't have a grievance against society before they went to prison then they will develop one in prison. Then after leaving prison because he has a "record" his chances of getting a job becomes nearly impossible. So in the end he is forced to go back to crime, to earn a decent living.

It has been very clear for hundreds of years that prison in no way prevents crime or reforms criminals. But still the system is used, with people still claiming that criminals need to be treated more harshly. While society is controlled by men there will never be any alternative to prison. If women were to control society then it will be looked at from a fresh point of view. They are less likely to meet aggression with aggression as men do. They will be more interested in why men commit crime, and will take steps to find the causes of crime. The whole problem of crime in our society is very complex, with no easy fixes or solutions. Women are more interested than men in human behaviour so this makes them more likely to go into human problems more deeply and find real solutions to these kinds of problems.

The patriarchal society has always tried to force solutions on to people by laws, rules and punishment. Trying to make people conform to a single ideal, and then wondered why people have rebelled against this. The obvious fact that people are different and need to be treated in different ways. Has never been understood by the male rulers of the patriarchal society. This is because men have a very poor opinion of each other and will prefer to rely on rules rather than on people.

Rules, laws, doctrines and ideals throughout history have never worked. We can see this clearly today where the laws against the taking and selling of illegal drugs have done little to prevent this happening. To the degree that many people believe that these laws do far more harm than good and make the problem worse. Likewise laws against crimes like murder or robbery do not prevent this happening all they can say is that perhaps it might lessen these crimes.

Laws have become a substitute for love, because men have failed to love others. Anyone who is able to love others is not likely to harm or exploit others, we only do this when we fear and hate others. Men for thousands of years have only learnt to love themselves, so for this reason is able to do harm to others. This is confirmed by the fact that 80% of all crimes are committed by men. It can also be said that 99% of all wars were started and fought by men.

Women have learnt all about loving others for thousands of years, as they have given unconditional love to husbands and children. If the people controlling society are able to love and care for others then the whole of society will change. The patriarchal society has been caught in a vicious cycle of fear and hatred. As women have gained more power in society we can see this cycle beginning to change. It is clear that in modern day western societies where women have some degree of power. They are far more tolerant, caring and equal than most third world countries where women are powerless and are still treated like slaves.

With women who have had thousands of year experience of loving other in control of society. Then it becomes possible to create a virtuous cycle of love and caring. When the people who control society are able to love others unconditionally then a loving and caring society becomes possible.