Friday, September 19, 2008

Why Men Need To Be Trained By Women

I believe it is natural for Women to be the Dominant sex, and the fact that we all live in patriarchal (Male dominated) societies, means that we are going against our natural instincts. This is why we live in a world of conflict, chaos, violence, war, injustice, poverty and suffering. If we were to go back to a Matriarchal (female dominated) world, then most of the problems of our world would be solved. We can prove that men are the natural submissive sex by looking at their behaviour.

It is natural for men to be totally obedient to authority; we can see this in the military. In the First World War, it was possible to take any young man of the street give him a few months training and then order him to come out of the trenches to face near certain death, facing enemy machine gun fire. These young men obeyed these orders without question. In the Second World War, the Japanese military ordered whole squadrons of aircraft to commit suicide attacks on enemy shipping. Again these Kamikaze pilots blindly obeyed these orders. This has been true throughout history; men will follow their leaders to the death. When the famous general Hannibal marched an army across the Alps, in winter, to invaded Italy in 218 BC, in the process he lost half of his men. Yet his men still blindly followed him through this horrendous journey and into Italy to fight the Roman legions. There are thousands of similar cases of this throughout history.

It is men’s blind obedience to authority that is the foundation of patriarchy. Every despotic dictator in the world can hold power because he has an army of young men who will obey him without question. These young men will terrorise, beat up, murder, arrest and torture the general population when ordered to do so. So it is these young men’s blind obedience to authority, that gives dictators such great power.

Another reason why I believe it is natural for Women to be the dominant sex, is that the patriarchal society has to put in so much effort to make Women submissive. In the 19th century in the USA, when rich and middle-class Women protested against slavery, they were surprised to learn that Women legally had less rights than black slaves. Up until the 20th century everything a Woman had, was owned either by her father or husband. Women were also barred from all earning too much money and were only allowed to do the poorest paying jobs. A wife had to swear to obey her husband when she got married, and her husband was legally entitled to beat her with a stick if she disobeyed her. Even in the early 20th century it was considered that a husband wasn’t a ‘real man’ unless he couldn’t make his wife obey him through violence.

The same is true of many Islamic countries today, where they have the ‘honour’ system. In this system, a man is ‘dishonoured’ if his wife disobeys him or is even ‘disrespectful’ of him. In this situation the only way he can regain his ‘honour’ is to beat her up or even murder her. There have even been cases where sons have murdered their mothers, because the mother has shown ‘disrespect’. (‘Disrespect’, can be shown, by simply protesting against this unjust system). All over the world patriarchal countries subject their people to powerful propaganda to convince everyone that men are ‘naturally’ the dominant sex.

Feminists have pointed out that history is basically, his-story. This is because the history we are taught at school is very heavily biased in favour of men, while all of women’s achievements are ignored and censored. His-story claims that men have always been the dominant sex from the time of the early Stone-Age until today. Yet there is archaeological evidence that Women once rule the world in the Neolithic and Stone-Ages, but this evidence is kept from the general public. (You can read more about Her-Story in my books, “Why Women Should Rule the World” and “Mermaids, Witches and Amazons”).

All these laws and customs, as well as the censoring of history, would not be needed if it were natural for men to be the dominant sex. Because if this was true, then men would not need to use violence, propaganda and oppressive laws and customs to keep Women submissive. Yet in the opposite case, Women can dominate men without any help of violence and oppressive laws. (I know some Dominant Women do beat and whip submissive men, but as most men are bigger and stronger than Women, a man has to voluntary agree to allow her to do this.) In many cases it is the man who is asking and even demanding that his wife or girlfriend dominate him. While in the case of Professional Dominas he will pay a lot of money to be dominated by a Dominatrix.

Paradoxically it is men’s natural submissiveness to authority that makes patriarchy possible. Unfortunately, in a patriarchal society instead of men giving their total obedience to Women, they will blindly obey alpha males, who will abuse their authority over other men. Leaders of patriarchal countries will irresponsibility start wars with each other, not caring about the destruction and chaos of these wars. Generals will send whole armies into battle and be indifferent to the casualties on each side. While in the 20th and 21st centuries military leaders have ordered the bombing of defenceless cities. In the Second World War large 1,000 bomber raids destroyed cities in Germany and two cities in Japan were destroyed by atomic bombs.

It has been mention by other Femdom writers, men are very much like dogs in the way they can be trained. A well-trained dog is a happy, obedient and loyal dog, who will always wag its tail to greet its owner and will enthusiastically do everything it is trained to do. A badly trained dog, like a pit- bull terrier trained to fight other dogs, for the purpose of ‘entertainment’, is extremely savage vicious and dangerous dog. Who is not happy, as it lives a life of abuse, fear and anger and will attack humans as well as other dogs. Dogs trained like this, have killed many children and badly mauled adults.

Men trained by alpha males can be even more dangerous. In the army men are trained to kill other men, and even outside of the military, men and boys are indoctrinated by what they see on films, TV, comics and nowadays, in video games. If men only see films of ‘heroes’ who are violent men and solve all problems through violence, then they are brainwashed to become the same. In Britain on average two Women per week are murdered by their husbands or male partners. Men commit the vast majority of murders and violent crimes, and it is patriarchy that encourages them to be violent so they can dominate Women through violence.

Patriarchal propaganda likes to claim that men are ‘naturally’ violent but this was proven to be wrong by the USA military. After the Second World War, the American army interviewed large numbers of soldiers who saw action. In these interviews the vast majority claimed they never killed an enemy soldier, they explained they prefer to shoot over the heads of the enemy. Only a small minority admitted to killing the enemy troops. This is not unusual, as military officers all over world have had problems in forcing their men to kill the enemy and this has been happening for centuries. In the past, to make troops kill, generals have had to completely brutalise there troops and teach them to hate the enemy. Since the Second World War the USA military have had to adopt clever behaviourist psychological techniques to brainwash their troops into becoming killing machines.

In our education and mainstream media there is very little to encourage men to be submissive and obedient to Women. Up until the 1950s male domination was considered to be ‘normal’. Since the rise of the Women’s liberation Movement in the 1960s sexual equality has now become the norm, but Female domination is still seen as very unusual. So that even if children are brought up by a mother who dominates their father and encourages her sons to be submissive towards Women and her daughters to be dominant, when they go to school they are encouraged to behave in a completely different way. And if they watch the TV or read books, newspapers or magazines there is little to support Female Domination. Boys at school will be told they need to learn to be macho, or they will be bullied. While girls are taught they need to ‘cool’ to socialise with other girls. This is because few children want to be called a ‘freak’ or be an outsider, and will do anything to be liked by other children.

It is a sad truth that a man can be trained to be a loyal and caring slave to Women or be trained to be a violent and savage brute. Unfortunately in male dominated societies, men are mostly trained to be savage brutes.

I can see this in myself. I was brought up to be a male chauvinist and really believed that men were the ‘natural’ dominant sex, and felt that something was wrong with me because I wasn’t like that myself. Then I met a Dominant Woman and I discovered through my relationship with her, my true nature. This caused me a lot of confusion because my true nature was completely different to the way I was brought up. I believe this is true for most submissive men.

This is why many men in the Femdom scene are very bewildered by their desires and behave like “Jekyll and Hydes”. This is because they have been brainwashed as children to believe that if they are submissive towards Women then there must be, “something wrong with them” and that they are ‘weak’ or are ‘wimps’. Patriarchal psychologists support this by claiming that submissive men have an ‘inferiority complex’. Though patriarchy also says to men that it is all right to be submissive to your male boss, or if you are in the army to be submissive to your sergeant and officers.

Fortunately patriarchal brainwashing is becoming less and less effective in Western countries and many men are starting to be more aware of their natural desires to be submissive towards Women. But this causes them confusion because sometimes they will follow these natural feelings and other times they remember their upbringing and resist these powerful desires. Other men try to rationalise their behaviour by claiming that it is just a perverted sexual desire. So they will only allow themselves to be submissive during the sexual act and resist their submissive desires in ‘normal’ life. The irony is that most men who go to Professional Dominas do not have sex with the Dominatrix, yet still claim it is all about sexual desire and fantasy.

Because patriarchal brainwashing has convinced men that there is, “something wrong with them”, if they are submissive towards Women, many men greatly fear these powerful desires. And for this reason keep well away from Dominant Women, and only have relationships with Women who have been totally brainwashed by patriarchy into being submissive.

So it means that most men have been very badly trained as children by the patriarchal establishment, in much the same as badly train dogs, are trained to fight and kill other dogs. This is why Femdom men do need proper training by Dominant Women. They need to know that their submissive desires towards Women are not a sign of ‘weakness’ or is ‘unnatural’, but are perfectly natural for all men.

Undoing all the bad training men have received as children is not always easy. This is because they have been brainwashed to have very bad habits. For this reason even though a man becomes in touch with his natural desires to serve and worship Women, the patriarchal brainwashing he has been subjected to, gets in the way of acting out these desires in reality.

Unfortunately because Women have also been brainwashed by patriarchy, most Women do not know how to be dominant. So when a man comes to them and asks or even demands that she dominates him, she also doesn’t know how to respond. This is why many Femdom men, ‘top from the bottom’ and tell the Woman how he wants to be dominated. Regrettably his desire to be dominated by a Woman is greatly influenced by the way patriarchy has brainwashed him, so he generally gets it completely wrong.

Another point is that by ‘topping from the bottom’ a man can still stay in control, and this is why many men get stuck in this phase, and don’t move on. It is understandable why many men do fear surrendering total control over their lives to Women, but because of this, he doesn’t experience fully his natural desire to serve Women. When a man realise just how unsatisfactory it is pretending to serve a Woman and not surrendering total control to her, he is ready to move on.

A man who is ready to surrender total control still needs to be trained properly, because he still has habitual responses, from the patriarchal society he lives in, that makes total surrender difficult. A Women in this situation needs to train a man very much like a dog-trainer trains a dog. A good dog trainer demonstrates to the dog she is training, that she is the pack leader or alpha female. She can do this simply by her body language and taking control. Sometimes this can work for men, but other men need a long period of training, to overcome the patriarchal training they received as children.

This is why men are trained to worship Women as Goddesses. The very act of kissing a Woman’s feet, repeatively, demonstrates to the man his lowly position, and learn a habitual response of seeing Women as the superior sex. In dog training a dog-trainer uses repetition of what she wants the dog to do, to get the dog properly trained. The military also uses repetition of giving soldiers orders, to teach them to habitually obey without question. This is also true of Dominant Women when training men. To overcome his patriarchal indoctrination, she needs to instil in him a habit of obeying Women as a habitual response.

It is true that different Dominant Women will want to train their men in different ways. But even so, men need to be trained in the basics. Just being trained to worship women as Goddesses and learn a habitual response to obey Women without question. will make if very easy for any other Dominant Woman to train him in ways she wants.

Also if a well trained man goes off to have a relationship with a Woman who is not confident in her Dominant nature, it means he is less likely to ‘top from the bottom’. He will encourage her Dominant desires without wanting to control her, and give her total power over him.

This is why people need to know and understand how the powerful patriarchal propaganda machine has brainwashed them as children to be the total opposite to their natural desires. Then through this awareness, human beings can come back to the natural instincts and live in a peaceful and loving world ruled by Women.