Friday, September 19, 2008

Love and Power

The reason why patriarchy is so bad for all people is because it has separated love and power. Patriarchy likes to claim love is ‘weak’ or ‘unrealistic’, the result is that in a patriarchal society those who have power are unloving, and those who do love have no power.

Yet to say love is weak is a total lie. This is because we all need and want love. As a child we have little chance of survival, without the love of our mother. When we grow up we very much want to be loved by others. Love is universal, and it is what we all want and crave. So why would anyone think that love is ‘weak’?

In a patriarchal society everything is given a monetary value, except love. Everyone knows that if we were to buy love, it is meaningless. If a person loves us because we have money, it means they don’t love us, they only love the money we can give them. So love is outside of the commerce of patriarchal wheeling and dealing. It is also outside of patriarchal power games. A person doesn’t gain power in a patriarchal society through being more loving than other people. In fact, it is the exact opposite, as we are frequently told, love is a weakness, in patriarchal power-games.

This means that the lack of love in patriarchal societies becomes its main weakness. Patriarchy can only survive while there is no competition from Matriarchy. If patriarchy was to completely fairly with Matriarchy then patriarchy will lose. This is because Matriarchy can deliver love to the people and patriarchy can’t.

What the ordinary person wants more than anything else is to live in compassionate and caring societies. They want to be ruled by genuine loving people, who truly love the people they rule. Patriarchy says; this is impossible and a unrealistic Utopian dream. And yes, they are right in patriarchal societies; a caring and compassionate society is totally impossible while men rule our world. But is very possible, if Women ruled instead.

When Women have power and use this power to express their love for the people they rule, then you have a unbeatable combination, of love and power together. If you ever had a government of powerful and loving Women, who create a caring and compassionate society. Then no-one in their right minds would ever want a patriarchal society again.

This then is the power of love. Love becomes all powerful, when loving Women gain the power to rule our societies. This is why patriarchy cannot compete and why it needs to keep women powerless. Because once Women do gain true power and begin to rule communities and countries, then, all people all over the world will want the same and Matriarchy will quickly rule the world.