Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bad Women

In the present generation of young women there are many who wish to be "bad". In the past a "bad girl" was simply a girl who had sex outside marriage. Then a generation ago a "bad girl" was someone who wanted a career rather than children, or made her husband do the washing up, help with the housework and change the nappies. In this present generation this is no longer seen as "bad" by most people and it is becoming normal. So "bad girls" today are having to be worse than this to be bad.

Many educators have point out that school girl bullies today are far worse than school boy bullies. To the degree that there have been many girls driven to suicide because of these girl bullies. In the past we had in marriage, wife-beaters and feminists had to organize women's refuges for women regularly beaten up by their husbands. Today we now have men's refuges where men can go to get away from violent wives who beat them up.

Also in domestic violence there was, and still are, many cases where the husband would kill his wife. Now there are many well publicized cases where wives have started to kill their husbands. This is what is seen as being bad today though feminists have protested at the jailing of women who have killed their husbands saying they had a perfect right to do so. Which makes you wonder if in another generation this will also become "normal".

The trend today seems to be of women becoming more like men, they are not only becoming as assertive and aggressive as men but as violent as them as well. This is worrying because if this trend continues where will it end?

During the patriarchal age as men strived to gain larger egos. It was usual for them to be competitive with each other to the degree that they killed each other. This not only happened in warfare but in sporting games. Before the nineteenth century in England where rules on football were laid down, most European countries had games of football that had very few rules. In these games not only were people badly injured but many were killed playing the game. So this meant that many men in an effort to win a game were willing to go far as to murder men of the opposing side.

Even today this sort of behaviour goes on. Recently in the game of Rugby in Australia it became usual when a number of players tackled a member of the opposing side to give a "piledriver tackle". That is to say they would lift the person up off the ground, then throw him back down on his head. Which makes you wonder at the mentality of the people doing the tackling. Because not only it is possible to kill a person doing this, it is possible to damage his neck or spine so badly he could end up paralysed. It also didn't seem to occur to any of them, that the opposing side might do the same to them. And new Rugby laws had to be made to prevent this practice.

In warfare, men have shown complete disregard for the suffering created. Alexander the Great conquered countries for no other reason than to boost his ego, the very fact that in doing this he was causing great suffering and wrecking thousands of people's lives never occurred to him. The same can be said of other conquers like Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Napoleon and Hitler. In the twentieth century men have created and use weapons like machine-guns, napalm, land-mines and nuclear weapons. Again with very little thought of what effect it has on people when these weapons are used on them, resulting in millions of people in this century being killed by these weapons and even whole cities being destroyed by them.

For the sake of his ego man have been more than willing to inflict suffering onto others. To the degree where some men in medieval torture chambers in Nazi Germany and in the Cambodia when Po-pot ruled, have openly enjoyed deliberately inflicting great pain and suffering onto other people. Apparently they have enjoyed the power-trip and ego-boost experienced in doing this. So it became an extreme form of bullying.

In the past except for a few cases like Joan-Of-Arc or the Amazons all forms of violence have been perpetrated by men. Even today this is in most cases still true. In the recent civil-wars as in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda it was men who were doing all the shooting, torturing and "ethnic-cleansing" of their former neighbours. There were very few reports of women joining in this killing spree. Even so it is clear that women are capable of doing these sort of things. The Nazis unlike other very right-wing regimes weren't anti-feminists. Because of this a few women did get involved in the extermination of the Jews in concentration camps and the torturing of people by the Gestapo.

So as the matriarchal age dawns there will inevitably be far more violence inflicted onto men by women, who will claim this to be just paying men back for the ceaseless violence they have inflicted onto women in the patriarchal age. Already Dominatrices admit to greatly enjoying whipping and torturing their clients. While other women have admitted to having male castration sexual fantasies.

In resent years women have found themselves in situations where they have power over men, who are not masochist as in the case of a Dominatrix and her client. Margaret Thatcher as a minister and later prime minister had considerable power over civil servants and other ministers. There are many reports that she treated these men in an appalling manner, verbally abusing them and putting them down, which they had to put up with to keep their jobs and status. The fact that many of these men were not masochistic is shown when at the end of her reign when she showed weakness these men were quick to stab her in the back.

A similar situation is happening with many powerful businesswomen. Not all women in power will abuse their position and are able to show love and care for the people under them. But there are others who really enjoy the "power trip" of bossing other people about, to the degree that they behave far worse than what an extremely patriarchal man would behave. And in the conditions of today of high unemployment women are able to get away with this behaviour. As they verbally abuse and humiliate men who cannot afford to answer back, and may not be masochistic but who cannot afford to answer back for fear of losing their jobs.

At present violence against men by women is limited because men are still bigger and stronger. So a woman can only inflict violence onto men at present if the man is very masochistic. When women start to rule society this situation could quickly change and women could start to inflict violence and humilation onto men who are not masochistic. And laws could be passed where for crimes like rape and child-abuse men could be castrated. This is already happening in Norway where male sex-offenders are punished by castration.

So are we going to have a situation in the future where women will inflict the same amount violence onto men as men inflicted onto women in the patriarchal age? This is a possibility, but we have also to accept that men and women are different. On a scientific level it is the hormone testosterone that makes men more aggressive and violent than women. Women are capable of becoming aggressive and violent, but it is very doubtful if they will get anywhere near the casual violence and aggression of men. Sportswomen can get close to this by injecting themselves with testosterone, but as there are great health risks involved with this it is doubtful if women will continue to do this in the future.

In the patriarchal age women have learnt all there is to know about unconditional love. As the matriarchal age dawns she still retains all her knowledge and understanding of unconditional love. At present many women see unconditional love as a weakness as they attempt to compete with men for power and status. So they suppress it by wanting and learning to be "bad".

In the change over from patriarchy to matriarchy, many women will continue to be like this probably getting even "Badder" than they are now. But when the new matriarchal society comes into being women will no longer need to compete with men, so will have no reason to suppress their unconditional love.

Women will continue to compete with each other as many matriarchal women do today. Because their growing egos will demand that they try to prove themselves to be better than other women. In the patriarchal age men have inflicted great suffering onto others for the sake of their ego growth. Many women today are starting to do the same, as pointed out at the beginning of this article.

Men in recent years have began to learn how to compete with others without necessarily hating the person they compete against. We can see this very clearly in sports, where in, say, a boxing match where two boxers might insult each other before a fight. Then in the fight itself try to inflict maximum damage to each other with their fists but after the fight is over will embrace and praise each other for how well the other fought. Sportswomen also have learnt this same lesson and although they will compete with each other very strongly, they are capable of afterwards of kissing and congratulating each other.

This is a lesson all women need to learn as they become more matriarchal and egoistic. Matriarchal women need to realize that all matriarchal women are looking for ways to feed their egos. The school bully acts the way she does because her victim is generally either cleverer then she is, or comes from a more privileged background. The growing ego of the bully makes her jealous so she tries to make herself superior to her victim through verbal or physical abuse. To condemn the bully doesn't help her because to her it is another put-down and she then has to find other ways to boost her ego. It has to be recognised that the bully behaves the way she does because she needs her ego boosting. So matriarchal women will need to learn in the future how to cooperate with each other in ways that feed each other's egos.

Men were not able to cooperate with each other to any degree in the patriarchal age because they didn't learnt how to love others so the other was the enemy. While at the same time women learnt all about unconditional love, because she is now beginning to learn how to love herself, it doesn't mean she has to suppress all that she has learnt about unconditional love for others. Men made, and are continuing to make, mistakes in the patriarchal age, because to put it is the words of Jesus "they know not what they do". Women don't have this excuse, because they will have all the mistakes of the patriarchal age laid out before them, together with the ability to love others unconditionally which they have learnt during the patriarchal age. This will give them the chance to change the pattern of how society was controlled in the patriarchal era. Women will also make mistakes but unlike men will be able to learn from their mistakes and change their behaviour. Men in the patriarchal age had no alternative to the way they behaved but women do have this alterative, and have the understanding and means to develop their egos without inflicting great suffering onto other people.