Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Matriarchal Revelation

Many people have attempted to interpret Revelation at the end of the Christian Bible. The problem with this vision is that it seems to show Jesus to be more like a avenging Jehovah God rather that the compassionate, tolerant and caring man that Jesus really was. So the key to understand Revelation is to understand the true nature of Jesus and then to compare it with the nature of Jesus as portrayed in Revelation.

This then shows Jesus to be very different from a Old Testament prophet as "God Fearing" or "Born Again" Christians like to portray him. In reading Revelations we come across this paradox from the very first. Revelations came to a person called John from a supernatural being that he described like this. - [His hair was white as wool, or as snow, and his eyes blazed like fire; his feet shone like brass that has been refined and polished, and his voice sounded like a roaring waterfall. He held seven stars in his right hand, and a sharp two-edged sword came out of his mouth. His face was as bright as the midday sun.]

This angel or messenger is supposed to come from Jesus though interestingly his name is only mentioned, at the beginning and end of Revelation. In most of the narrative he is called either the Son of God or the Lamb of God. The angel gives a message similar to what an Old Testament prophet would preach. As he will go on and on about how the wicked will suffer terribly, while the good will be "saved". Now if this angel did come from Jesus there is a problem. Jesus wasn't in any way like an Old Testament prophet, who condemned others and threatened "sinners" that they would burn in hell. He in fact preached forgiveness and even when he was nailed to the cross he was able to say of his persecutors.- "Forgive them for they no not what they do".

The messenger himself is a very frightening and aggressive person unlike the gentle and caring figure of Jesus. So we have a problem either that this message didn't come from Jesus, or within it is a hidden message. There is a good reason for believing the latter, because throughout "Revelation" there are some very strange descriptions, and contradictions, which suggests the author was trying to tells us something through its strange symbology.

The first strange description is that the messenger had "a sharp two-edge sword came out of his mouth". Now this is completely absurd. Unless he was a professional sword-swallower no person in their right mind would put a sharp two-edge sword in his mouth. What is more he uses this sword while still in his mouth to fights "sinners". This is even worse because the difficulty of trying to fight others with a sword in the mouth is to say the least very difficult. So ludicrous is this, that most commentators on Revelation tend to completely ignore it. But what if the original author of Revelation gave this preposterous description to draw attention to it. To make us wonder if there was a hidden message here. It would make more sense if the sword coming out of the angel's mouth was his tongue. Then he would have far more control over it and could use it in much the same way has certain reptiles use their tongue to catch insects.

Remarkably there is a similar description of another deity in Hinduism. The problem is that this deity is a Goddess called Kali, who would be seen in Christian terminology as a Devil. So is it any wonder the author had to keep her identity secret. Kali wasn't so foolish to have a sword in her mouth. But she is described as having a very long tongue, that always hanged out of her mouth as she fought and destroyed Demons or Anti-Gods. So the image of the long tongue of Kali and a sword coming out of the mouth of the messenger is very similar. Also like this angel she is described as having blazing eyes and a great roaring voice. The two stories have a similar plots. In "Revelations" the story is about the Lamb of God leading a force of Angels to destroy "sinners", and to create a New Jerusalem. In the Kali story she and a number of other Goddesses destroy the Demons or Anti-Gods. Who are apparently at that time more powerful than the Gods, and restore peace on Earth.

I'm sure to many people this would also be absurd as what would an early Christian have to do with Hinduism? Except there is another clue. In this angel's hand he held seven stars. Now the seven stars two thousand years ago would be the moving stars. These are the planets, moon and sun that were visible to the naked eye. The only people who had an interest in those days for planets where astrologers. Christianity for hundreds of years either opposed or barely tolerated astrology, as it was seen as an aspect of Paganism. Astrology was practised by most Pagan religions throughout the middle-east and India. This suggests that this secret message was not for Christians but for those who had a wide understanding of all religions.

The astrology connection continues with the next vision, which is the throne of God and to quote-. [Surrounding the throne on each of its sides, were four living creatures covered with eyes in front and behind. The first one looked like a lion; the second looked like a bull; the third had a face of like a man's face; and the fourth looked like an eagle in flight.] Again we have an absurd description of creatures covered with eyes front and back, which makes us look for a hidden meaning. In ancient Judaism there are the four principal banners of Judah. With Judah represented by a Lion or crown, Reuben by a Man, Ephraim by an ox and Dan by an eagle. Anyone interested in astrology would recognise the Lion as Leo, a fire sign and the bull as Taurus an Earth sign. The man and eagle wouldn't be recognised in modern astrology, but the eagle would in the early astrology coming from ancient Mesopotamia. Who like the Jews were Semites people, and the Mesopotamians had a constellation called Aquila symbolised by an eagle. The man symbol is a mystery although the Mesopotamians did have constellations named after Goddesses. In the very ancient past many Goddesses where changed into Gods. So a constellation named after a Goddess by the more matriarchal Mesopotamians would be changed into a God or man by the more patriarchal Jews. So the four banners of Judaism and the four living creatures in Revelation would probably represent the air, fire, water and Earth of astrology.

Then the Revelations goes on to say. ["I saw a scroll in the right hand of the one who sits on the throne; it was covered with writing on both sides and was sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel, who announced in a loud voice, "Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?"] It seems there was no one until a lamb appeared who it seem had been sacrificed. It was this lamb that was worthy to open the scroll.

Now a lamb to symbolise Jesus is a strange symbol. Up to a point it makes sense in astrological terms as when Jesus was born it was the end of the age of Aries the Ram. Except why a Lamb and not a Ram? The lamb has the reputation as the most gentle and harmless of creatures who will follow his mother anywhere. The lamb then is a good symbol of the gentle and caring Jesus we read about in the Gospels. Who went to his death "like a lamb to the slaughter". But it is not really a good symbol for the way Revelation is written. As it is about "sinners" being punished in the most gory fashion and only the "good" being saved. So by calling Jesus the Lamb of God the author is emphasising this paradox. Jesus preach tolerance but the religion that was named after him has a reputation of intolerance, bigotry and violence. By symbolising that only the Lamb could open the seven seals. Suggests that only a person who can understand the true caring teachings of Jesus, can understand the hidden message within Revelation. Because a person who believes in the "fire and brimstone" form of Christianity, will only take Revelation at its face value and not see the contradictions within it.

The vision continues.- [Then I saw the Lamb break open the first of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice that sounded like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there was a white horse. Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown. He rode out as a conqueror to conquer.

Then the Lamb broke open the second seal; and I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Another horse came out, a red one, Its rider was given the power to bring war on the Earth, so that men should kill each other. He was given a large sword.

Then the Lamb broke open the third seal; and I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there was a black horse. Its rider held a pair of scales in his hand. I heard what sounded like a voice coming from among the four living creatures, which said, "A litre of wheat for a day's wages, and three litres of barley for a day's wages. But do not damage the olive-trees and the vineyards!"

Then the Lamb broke open the fourth seal; and I heard the fourth living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there was a pale-coloured horse. Its rider was named Death, and Hades followed close behind. They were given authority over a quarter of the Earth, to kill by means of war, famine, disease and wild animals.]

The interpretation of the first four seals is very easy because it is a perfect description of the patriarchal society. Most of patriarchal history has been about warfare, conquest and genocide. It has also be about forced labour, slavery and the exploitation of the common people by the rich and powerful. Which is what the third seal is about. It is ironic that many commentators of Revelation have seen this as a prophecy of the future and had not seen the wars and chaos that existed in their own time.

[Then the Lamb broke open the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar of the souls of those who had been killed because they had proclaimed God's word and had been faithful in their witnessing. They shouted in a loud voice, "Almighty Lord, holy and true! How long will it be until you judge the people on Earth and punish them for killing us?" Each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to rest a little while longer, until the complete number of their fellow-servants and brothers had been killed, as they had been.]

Again we see the incongruity, if Jesus's teachings were all about judgement then there is no problem in the martyrs demanding revenge. Yet it is this desire for revenge that keep wars going. We can see this clearly in a place like Northern Ireland where both the Catholics and the Protestants are unable to forgive each other for the wrongs they have done each other in the past. Or in the Balkans where again the Serbs, Croats and Moslems are also unable to forgive each other. This has kept conflicts going for hundreds of years. So this is a comment on the patriarchal society and the source of the chaos it creates. Which was clearly understood by Jesus who taught his disciples to "love your enemies".

The sixth seal describes an end of the world scenario, though again will have a contradiction as people hide in terror - ["Fall on us and hide us from the eyes of the one who sits on the throne and from the anger of the Lamb! The terrible day of their anger is here, and who can stand against it?"]

The terrible anger of the Lamb?! This is surely a very inappropriate symbol, lambs have never been noted for their anger. So again this is a sign that there is a hidden meaning here. Although Revelation is suppose to be about the end of the world, later on in the narrative it becomes clear that it is not. What is more likely is a description of the coming to the end of the patriarchal age.

Then we come to the famous bit where 144,000 were marked with the seal of God so as not to be harmed by [The four angels to whom God had given the power to damage the Earth and sea.] I personally never heard of angels damaging the Earth and sea, and I don't somehow expect it to happen in the future. But in our present age we do see with modern technology people who now have the power to do this. So the four angels who damage the Earth could be governments, industry, science and technology. As all four collude to pollute the environment with toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases. As well as over fish the oceans, cut-down rain-forests, and dump nuclear waste.

In the 21st century it can be confidently predicted there will be a number of man-made disasters. As we are starting to see with global warming and the 50% decrease in men's sperm count caused by toxins being dumped into our food chain. In has been predicted that by 2030 most men will be unable to father a child as their sperm count will be too low by then. There are other possible dangers like the irresponsible use of genetic engineering, and nuclear weapon getting in the hands of terrorist groups or despotic dictatorships. The 144,000 people being saved from these disasters, suggest that some people will some how survive these man-made catastrophes. Possibly "greens" who only eat organic foods, and use renewable form of energy, in self-sufficient communities.

Then in the vision John witnesses a large crowd who had received salvation. When he asked who they were he was told.- ["These are the people who have come safely through the terrible persecution. They have washed their robes and made them white with the blood of the Lamb"]. Christians of course assume these people are Christian martyrs, and to be fair this would be correct prophecy. Because persecution of Christians continued in Rome long after John's death. Even when Christianity became the state religion, persecution continued on those who were the "wrong" type of Christians. That is to say the Christians who were not willing to toe the party line as decreed by the state. So Revelation could be about The Rome Empire becoming Christianise and the "New Jerusalem" would then be the Holy Roman Empire. Yet not even Christians accept this explanation. Probably because Christianity as a state religion didn't have much to recommend it, as a New Jerusalem. Over the centuries the Christians have probably persecuted far more people than had been done to them. Persecution does seem to be fairly normal behaviour in patriarchal societies. The reason for this is that patriarchal societies seem to hate change. So any person that deviates from what seems to be "normal" is given a hard time and can be even tortured and murdered.

So if we are looking for martyrs they may not be Christian. As previously pointed out the lamb is a strange symbol for this narrative. As the lamb is the most gentle and innocuous creature one could wish for. The people that had been persecuted were "washed clean with the blood of the lamb". Suggesting that they to were lamb like in their behaviour and were persecuted because of it. So who would they be? It is true that a few Christian sects have adopted a non-violent way of life, but this is a small minority. The average Christian male has shown himself over the years to be a very aggressive and violent person.

In recent years there has become a whole army of very inoffensive and harmless men appearing in our society. These men are called hippies, homosexuals, toy-boys, transvestites and wimps. Even today to call a man a wimp is seen as an insult and "macho" men will give such men a hard time. Homosexual men have been sent to prison up until recently and even today are seen by many as "immoral". (Though it has to be admitted here that not all homosexual men are "fairies" as some are very "butch" and aggressive). Transvestites are also persecuted because they want to dress in feminine clothing and have to try to pass as women in public to escape harassment. Hippies and toy-boys are barely tolerated and seen also as being outside of normal society. So are these the lamb-like men who have suffered persecution? If so it is another pointer that Revelation is about live in the 20th and 21 centuries.

The Seventh Seal is broken and we have another string of disasters. Like volcanoes, meteors hitting the Earth, plagues of locusts and perhaps nuclear warfare. All this has happened in the past and may again happen in the future.

John is then given a secret but is warned not to write it down. Then he is given a little scroll and is told to eat it, which tasted sweet in his mouth but sour in his stomach. The secret that John cannot write down again suggests there is a hidden secret within Revelation. The little scroll is probably Revelation which was written by John. The fact that it turned sour in John's stomach suggests its hidden message is an "unpalatable truth" for patriarchal Christians.

The next part is about two witnesses who turn out to be prophets. That are able to destroy anyone who harms them with fire that come out of their mouths. This suggests they are charismatic orators who are able to turn a crowd against anyone who oppose them. It also seems that they had the power to create famine and plague. This is what has happened during the patriarchal age where farmers have cut down trees, causing great soil erosion and famine. In ancient Greece, throughout the middle east and north Africa and in more recent times in USA and Australia, soil erosion and man made famine have frequently happened. Plague is also the curse of civilisations in patriarchal times through overcrowding, poverty and lack of hygiene. The most well-known plague was the bubonic plague or black death that killed half of the population of Europe during the 14th century.

These two prophets were attacked and killed by a great beast that came out of the abyss. Their bodies are left in the street, and the vision continues to say.- [The people of the Earth will be happy because of the death of these two. They will celebrate and send presents to each other, because those two prophets brought much suffering upon mankind.] Probably the two prophets were Christianity and Mohammandism and the beast that attacked them would then be atheistic science. Newton in the 17th century showed that the planets moved through scientific laws and not by the hand of God, as believed at that time. Then in the 19th century Darwin wrote his theory of evolution, which undermined the belief that life was created by God. Since then the success of science has greatly decreased the power of all patriarchal religions. It is interesting that it is stated in Revelation that these two patriarchal religions have brought much suffering upon mankind and people celebrated when they died. If we look back to the last 150 years we can see that although atheism has it faults. It still has created a far more humane and tolerant society than patriarchal religions. So the people had good reason to celebrate. The beast also came out to the abyss which is a feminine symbol as in Ancient times is would be the symbol of the vagina of The Earth Mother. Both Christianity and Mohammandism greatly opposed science in the past and tried to destroy it because they rightly saw science as a threat to their authority. So it suggests that scientific thought came from the Goddess to destroy the power of patriarchal religions.

Then the two prophets came back to life and there was a violent Earthquake, and the people became terrified. In more recent times there has been a right-wing/fundamentalist backlash, affecting mostly Islam countries but also some Christian countries as well. As countries like Iran turned back to fundamental Mohammadism and have promoted terrorism against the atheistic western counties. To a lesser degree, countries like USA or Britain have attempted to "turn back the clock" and enforce "family values" on the people. In an attempt to stop the erosion of the patriarchal society and religion.

The next chapter is about the elders around the throne of God saying it is time for God to judge the dead. The last line of their proclamation they say.- ["The time has come to destroy those who destroy the Earth!"] Now any environmentalists would have no problems in understand who these people who were. They would be to them the scientists and the industrialists who are at present polluting the Earth, oceans and atmosphere.

Then a woman appeared.- [Whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.] Before Christianity and Mohammadism took control there was sun-Gods and moon-Goddesses, in pagan religions. The sun has a far more powerful light than the moon. So a sun-God was seen as being more powerful than a moon-Goddess. These deities were still around at the time Revelation was written, and John probably had seen their Temples. This suggests that the women those "dress was like the sun" might be a sun-Goddess. As they existed in very ancient times with moon Gods. This is confirmed by the fact she has the moon at her feet. So it means she is no longer "the lesser light" which is how the Moon Goddesses or moon Gods were seen. She is now the more powerful Sun which suggests the man has now become "the lesser light" of the moon under her feet.

The twelve stars on her head could also be a reference to astrology, as there is twelve astrological signs. Neither patriarchal religions or science liked astrology but it has been adopted by modern paganism, so it could be about the paganistic revival we see today in the west. The woman is about to give birth. Is this the birth of the new matriarchal or matriarchal age?

A Red dragon appears who dragged a third of the stars out of the sky and threw them down on the Earth. As the woman had twelve stars around her head, it suggests that this dragon tried to destroy astrology. Which would be a symbol of modern paganism, Witchcraft and the new-age movement who all use astrology. Both Christianity and atheistic science have attempted to destroy and discredit these movements. [He stood in front of the woman, in order to eat her child as soon as it was born. Then she gave birth to a son, who will rule over all nations with an iron rod. But the child was snatched away and taken to God and his throne.]

Now it has to be admitted that if this child was the birth of a new matriarchal age it should be a girl. But to state this in Revelation would be impossible as it would be censored. Though it is more than likely this child was the lamb which is the very passive or submissive man which is still a good symbol of the matriarchal age. This passage does also suggests that patriarchal religions and atheistic science attempted to destroy matriarchy before it even got started but it received divine protection. If this child is Jesus then there is a problem because the child will "rule over all nations with an iron rod". Which is not the behaviour you would expect from the gentle lamb-like Jesus. Though it could be the behaviour of Kali-like women.

Then a war broke out in heaven between the dragon and angels, which suggests this could be a religious war. In recent times with the decline of Christianity, other spiritual groups have appeared instead. Like Spiritualism, occult groups, the new-age movement, paganism and Witchcraft. Christianity has been unsuccessful in attempting to stamp out these groups and is now on the decline. [When the dragon realised that he had been thrown down to the Earth, he began to pursue the woman who had given birth to the boy.] Which is what has happened in recent times although the power of Christianity has been destroyed. More extremist Christians have greatly opposed feminism and liberal laws that had allowed abortion and homosexuality. Again in the story it is divine protection that saves the woman.

Then a great beast came out of the sea and [The dragon gave the beast his own power, his throne, and his vast authority.] This is what has recently happened, the authority of the Patriarchal Church has been past onto Science. Which now has the authority and power in society that the Church use to have. This beast had been wounded but recovered, which is what happened to science hundreds of years ago. Religions like Christianity and Mohammedanism had persecuted science for hundreds of years, and at times all but stamped it out. But it recovered to come back and overthrown the power of patriarchal religion.

[The beast was allowed to make proud claims which were insulting to God, and it was permitted to have authority for forty-two months. It began to curse God, his name, the place where he lives, and all those who live in heaven. It was allowed to fight against God's people and to defeat them, and it was given authority over every tribe, nation, language, and race. All people on the Earth worshipped it, except for those whose names were written before the creation of the world in the book of the living which belongs to the lamb that was killed.]

This confirms that the beast is atheism. It had many heads one of these heads could be atheistic science. While others could be communism, capitalism and materialism. Probably the other heads are a variation on these themes. It was Marx who denigrated religion as "the opium of the people", while atheistic science has treated the belief in a supreme God as a fairy story. So this would be the insults the beast gave to God. Communism where ever it took power banned and oppressed religions. While atheistic science has taken over the world. With the majority of people looking towards science rather than religion to solve their problems. Yet saying that the beast only had authority for forty-two months suggests its power is only temporary. As we see today were atheistic science is finding it is fighting a losing battle against the "unreason", of the paranormal, astrology, "alternative" medicine and the new-age movement.

The last sentence of the quotation poses a problem, most Christians would assume that the people who didn't worship the beast would be them. But as already pointed out the Dragon is patriarchal religion which handed its power over to atheism. As we can see all over the world, religions have compromised with atheistic science. And are now bowing down to it, as it has no answer to the power of science.

[Then I saw another beast, which came up out of the Earth. It had two horns like lambs horns, and it spoke like a Dragon. It used the vast authority of the first beast in its presence. It forced the Earth and all who live on it to worship the first beast, those wounds had healed. This second beast performed great miracles; it made fire come down out of heaven to Earth in the sight of everyone. And it deceived all the people living on Earth by means of the miracles which it was allowed to perform in the presents of the first beast.] The second beast sounds very much like technology. It is technology today that can perform "miracles", and the fire from heaven could be nuclear explosions which has been the most spectacular demonstration of the power of technology.

[The second Beast was allowed to breathe life into the image of the first beast, so that the image could talk and put to death all those who would not worship it.] Both atheistic science and technology work together, with technology coming from scientific ideas and giving them material expression and power. Technology also gives atheism authority and power, and weapon technology did allowed the atheistic communists to impose atheism onto millions of people. While western atheists have also imposed atheism onto the world, forcing people to worship it through becoming dependant on materialism.

[The beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads. No one could buy or sell unless he had this mark, that is, the beast's name or the number that stands for the name.] Technology now has brought about the possibility of having a "cashless society" and instead of everyone having money or credit-cards that can be lost or stolen. There is talk about having a small electronic chip placed under the skin of people's hand or forehead. This does at first sight sounds like a good idea. But as "Conspiracy theorists" point out the electronic chip can be used also as an electronic tag. Which will allow the police or secret services to keep track off and monitor everyone in society. This could create an Orwenian nightmare, where it would be very easy for governments to impose totalitarian regimes onto the people.

It goes on to say,- [ This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can work out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for a man's name. Its number is 666.] This number has caused great speculation about who this man is, and people like Hitler and Aleister Crowley have been named as the beast 666. Though this is only wild speculation with little reason for this except these men are seen as being "evil". In Barbara G. Walker's book "The woman's Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets", she tells us that in ancient times the number 6 was the number of sexual intercourse, this was because it was the union between the Triple Goddesses and their consorts. The triple six then became the number of the Triple Aphrodite as she was the Goddess of love. So she claims that the beast 666 is the number of the Goddess Aphrodite.

This could be a hint as to when this will happen. Patriarchy suppressed all promiscuous sex because it was only through the rigid marriage institution that a man could know who his children were. Atheism never understood why marriage was so important to patriarchy and allowed it to deteriorate. If the beast 666 is the symbol of promiscuous sex then it would be when patriarchy is breaking down and people were free to have sex with whoever they pleased. The sexual revolution started in the west during the 1960s at the same time women's Liberation started, where people openly had sexual relations outside marriage and the oppressive laws again homosexuality were repealed. So freedom is the sign of the beast 666 this will mean the beginning of the end of patriarchy and the return of the Goddess.

Then Revelation goes on about the 144,000 that will be saved. As well as saying that they never tell lies and are faultless and they are all virgins. Now this in curious as apparently all these 144,000 are males. The word virgin is mostly used in connection with women, not men. In patriarchal marriages it is important that the bride is a virgin but not the bridegroom. As it is women who has children, she will always know who is her child. (Unless she gives birth in a modern hospital where name tags get mixed up). But for the man he can only know who are his children if he can be sure his wife is "faithful" to him. For this reason it used to be acceptable for men to have mistresses, or go to prostitutes. But for a woman to be unfaithful, was considered to be a "sin" and in the past it was punished by death. So in saying that these men are virgins could be a hint that these men are as passive as patriarchal women. Because the idea of a man who have. [Kept themselves pure by not having sexual relations with women.] Before they got married would be regarded as complete wimps in very macho patriarchal societies. As this is how macho men regard any man who admits to being a virgin.

Also an older meaning of virgin is of women who do not belong to any man and are therefore free. We have all been seduced by the materialistic society, to the degree we are dependant on it. But there have always been people who have attempted to break this dependence. Like many hippies who are into self-sufficiency or people who pay to go on courses to learn how to live off uncultivated land. So these people are attempting to be free of materialism.

Revelation goes on to say that Jesus the Lamb led all his followers to overthrow the power of the beasts. Although women today are getting more and more assertive, as pointed out in a earlier book I co-authored called "Gospel of the Goddess". Women will for a long time have smaller egos than men. So it is not easy for them to get up and say. "We can do a far better job at running the world then men". But it is a lot easier for passive men to say this. So we might have to look to these types of men to give women confidence in themselves to overthrow the patriarchal society.

Revelation then goes on to proclaim the good news that [Great Babylon has fallen.] I think it would be very easy to suggest that Babylon is the materialistic society we live in. This is made clear when it later goes on to say.- [The businessmen of the Earth also cry and mourn for her, because no one buys their goods any longer; no one buys their gold, silver, precious stones, and pearls; their goods of linen, purple cloth, silk, and scarlet cloth; all kinds of rare woods and all kinds of objects made of ivory] etc etc. [The businessmen say to her "All the good things you longed to own have disappeared, and all your wealth and glamour are gone and you will never find them again!"]

So what destroyed Babylon? It says that not only Babylon was destroyed, [and the cites in all countries were destroyed.] It seems Babylon was destroyed by an Earthquake but it doesn't say how the other cites were destroyed. Though it does discuss [The Bowls of God's Anger, these are seven bowls that angels pour on the Earth.] Bowls are another Goddess symbol like that of the Cauldron and The Holy Grail. Simply because these are all symbols of the vagina.

[The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the Earth. Terrible and painful sores appeared on those who had the mark of the beast and on those who had worshipped its image.] Doctors in recent years have had great success at combating disease through antibiotics. Unfortunately the bacteria has been able to become in time immune to these antibiotics. So scientists have to always to produce a new form to combat the new strains of bacteria. Now doctors are admitting that they are losing this war as new strains of dangerous diseases are appearing that no antibiotic can destroy. Bringing about the possibility of plagues like we experienced during the middle-ages. Another possibility is that there are food-manufactures who want to introduce new genetic engineered food. We can be sure that they will be totally irresponsible in doing this, because of the very large profits that can be made. Which will overwhelm any consideration of possible dangerous effects these foods might have. So this could result in mass food poisoning in the future.

[Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea. The water became like the blood of a dead person, and every living creature in the sea died.] All over the world industries are pouring millions of tons of toxic waste into the seas. As it is far cheaper to get rid off toxic waste by dumping it into the sea than to find a way to make it harmless. Scientists used to claim that the oceans where so vast that they would dilute the harmful effects of the toxins. This premise is now showing itself to be false, as there is becoming a limitation to what seas and oceans can tolerate. Already around industrial areas the water is becoming too polluted to safely swim or surf in.

[Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and the springs of water, and they turned into blood.] The pollution in many rivers and lakes have got so bad in recent years that all life in them has been destroyed.

[Then the fourth and angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to burn people with its fiery heat.] This is probably to do with ozone depletion. In countries like Australia people are now covering up in the sun where skin-cancer is on the increase. As the ozone-layer is becoming very thin over this continent. The same thing is now happening over Europe and Northern America where governments are advising people not to sunbathe for fear of skin-cancer.

[Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast. Darkness fell over the beast's kingdom, and people bit their tongues because of their pain.] The Beast's kingdom or throne would be the industrial factories in and around cities. Already these plants cause pollution to the degree it covers whole cities. As well as accidental releases of toxic gases that have maimed and killed many thousands of people. In places like Italy, Spain and India.

[Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl and on the great river Euphrates. The river dried up.] Recently it has been officially acknowledged that Global Warming is a fact, but how warm will the Earth become in the 21st century no one really knows. With a warmer climate and changing weather patterns caused by it, great rivers may well dry up.

The last angel destroyed Babylon with an Earthquake, it is well known that large cities like San-Francisco are built on fault-lines. This makes the possibility of a large city being destroyed by an Earthquake very likely in the near future.

The whole materialistic society can only keep going while the public has confidence in it. Experiencing the seven plagues like that mentioned in Revelation, is going to undermine people's confidence in science and technology. More so if science gets the blame for all of the plagues. This will result in large numbers of people looking for alternatives to materialism. This is what will destroy Babylon more than anything else. To quote- [The businessmen of the Earth also cry and mourn for her, because no one buys their goods any longer;] People might of stopped buying goods because they may not want to have anything to do with technology any longer. After seeing the harm it can do in the hands of irresponsible people.

Among all this carnage Revelation had one chapter on [The famous Prostitute], she is described like this,- [There I saw a woman sitting on a red beast that had names insulting to God written all over it; the beast had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and covered with gold ornaments, precious stones, and pearls. In her hand she held a gold cup full of obscene and filthy things, the result of her immorality. On her forehead was written a name that has a secret meaning "Great Babylon, the mother of all the prostitutes and perverts in the world,"]

So what is the secret meaning about the name Great Babylon? And why is it a secret? Would it be because if the meaning became clear it would be censored? Now in reading Revelation there is a problem even though it is about Jesus, the whole tone of it is wrong. Jesus taught to "love your neighbours as yourself" and "Do not judge others" So to lead angels into destroying cities because he doesn't agree with how they behave, is not really his style. Not only that he mixed with prostitutes and spoke up for them. As with the prostitute who was about to be stoned where Jesus told the crowd, "Who is truly without sin may cast the first stone". Mary Magdalene is also supposed to be by tradition a prostitute.

The way that it is written it seems to mean that Jesus condemns prostitutes, but when we read of what he really taught in The New Testament, we find he doesn't. So the secret meaning is clearly not about this. What Revelation does seem to be saying is that Great Babylon (the materialistic society) was controlled by women before it fell. Because Great Babylon is called The Famous Prostitute also she is riding on [a red beast that had names insulting to God written all over it.] So she has taken over control of the materialistic and atheistic society, which attacks religion as a delusion. Also [she is covered with gold ornaments, precious stones, and pearls.] Which means she is a very rich and powerful woman. Now at the beginning of the 21st century we do find a few women who are very rich and powerful and some have been rulers of countries. Women are also gaining power in all other patriarchal institutions, and breaking down the "glass ceilings" that are holding them back. So in saying that Great Babylon will fall when women start to rule society is a confirmation when it will happen.

She is also called, [the mother of all the prostitutes and perverts in the world.] In recent years some prostitutes have became more dominant and call themselves Dominatrices. Although many Dominatrices deny that they are prostitutes, as they see prostitutes as being too passive. With many being dominated and abused by pimps, and doing whatever the client want them to do. While they are certainly not passive and dominate men instead. The perverts would of course be the Dominatrice's clients, who would be seen that way by most of society. As they pay these Dominatrices to bound, whip, humiliate and abuse them. Some will also pay to worship and kiss the feet and bottom of the Dominatrix or drink her urine. So it suggests that this trend will grow and sadistic women and masochistic men will grow in number, until it becomes "normal".

But calling her a prostitute can have another meaning. The saying "To prostitute yourself," means that a person does something he doesn't believe in, but does it for money and power. Now that women are beginning to learn how to love themselves. The only role model they have, is patriarchal men. Who are extremely selfish and aggressive and haven't learn as yet how to care for and love others. So many women today are trying to act, dress and behave like men. In the "dog eat dog" patriarchal society women only see two choices, either they love others and are taken advantaged of by patriarchal men. Or they suppress all what they have learnt about loving and caring for others and behave like patriarchal men. So many rich and powerful women today have to behave in a way they do not really agree with. But feel that they have no choice in doing this to gain power and status in the patriarchal society.

This is confirmed when it goes on to say,- [And I saw that the women was drunk with the blood of God's people and the blood of those who were killed because they had been loyal to Jesus.] So these powerful women have become patriarchs themselves. A good example of this would be Margaret Thatcher who held very strong patriarchal views. While in power she never acknowledged any debt or companionship with the women's movement. She never helped in anyway other women to gain power, by never allowing another woman in her cabinet. And even gave speeches and passed laws to encourage women to "go back to the home". So she was part of the "backlash" that the women's movement experienced during the nineteen eighties. She never showed any compassion for the poor or deprived, as you would expect from a woman. And she came across as a completely ruthless women, who saw any feelings of caring for others as a "weakness".

The chapter goes on to talk about a number of kings who rule for a while who then are defeated by the Lamb. This probably means their used to be many patriarchal ages in the past, which were replaced by matriarchal ages.

The chapter finishes by saying that,- [the beast, will hate the prostitute; they will take away everything she has and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and destroy her with fire. For God purpose by acting together and giving the beast their power to rule until God's words come true.] This is exactly what happened to Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister of Britain. She had been the most successful Prime Minister in Britain this century. She had won three elections, and had fought well for what her party believed in. By breaking the power of the unions and privatising most of the state's ownership of industry. Then, after all what she had achieved, her party turned against her, attacked and humiliated her and threw her out of office. The same thing happened also more recently to Benazir Bhutto, she was elected prime minster of Pakistan in 1988 and was deposed by a military coup in 1990. More recently she became prime minister again but again she was betrayed, slandered and deposed.

Though clearly this prophecy is not only about Margaret Thatcher or Benazir Bhutto, in the future many other women will become rulers of countries. The chapter finishes by saying,- ["The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the Earth."] There is not today one city that rules over the rest of the world. But the most powerful and materialistic society today is the USA, where women in comparison to most other countries have great power. So it could mean that Great Babylon is the USA, who has the military and economic power to tell all the other nations of the world what to do. We know today that women do not rule the USA, but they are getting there. So is it suggesting that one day there will be a women President of the USA? And when this happens, then there will be a patriarchal back-lash. Where a war between patriarchy and matriarchy will start and Kali will be let loose.

After the fall of Great Babylon, Revelation then goes on to a chapter on The Wedding-Feast of the Lamb, the bride is hardly mentioned at all except to say [She has been given clean shining linen to wear. (The linen is the good deeds of God's people).] Now this can be put down as a typical patriarchal oversight. Except that towards the end of Revelation it turns out that the Bride is The New Jerusalem. Which does suggest that The New Jerusalem like the Great Babylon will be ruled by women.

This would suggest that after the materialistic society collapses. Many people will then create an alternative and genuine matriarchal Society. The clean shining linen, the bride wears a symbol that she is now no long contaminated by patriarchal thinking. So is therefore able to be dominant and caring at the same time. While the Lamb is of course the passive man who is willing to accept her domination.

The next chapter reads very much like the Kali stories, where all the armies of the Beasts are defeated and slaughtered by.- [The Rider on the White Horse,] who,- [Out of his mouth came a sharp sword, with which he will defeat the nations.] As pointed out before this is a very strange place to hold and use a sword. Which suggests a link with Kali who is nearly always shown with her tongue sticking out. It goes on to say.- [He will rule over them with a rod of iron, and will trample out the wine in the winepress of the furious anger of the Almighty God.] As pointed out earlier according to Revelation it is Jesus who will rule the world. So this figure must be Jesus, except that to [rule over them with a rod of iron,] or to slaughter great armies. Is not really his style, and not the sort of behaviour you would expect from a Lamb. To [trample out the wine] is a Kali symbol as she tramples all over Siva, and in her stories she also has a [furious anger] as she slaughters demons.

So the chapter suggests a war between the patriarchal and matercentic societies. Whether it will be a physical war or more a war of words and ideas is hard to say. If it is a physical war it may not be only about Amazons fighting patriarchal soldiers on the battle-field. There will probably be many "lambs" who will also lay down there lives for their mistresses. Also there will be many patriarchal women fighting for patriarchy. Though how it reads in both Revelation and the Kali stories it sounds more like a slaughter of the patriarchal forces than a war. This has been true of many battles in the past. Where brilliant war leaders like Napoleon or Alexander the Great, when confronted with incompetently lead forces have turned battles into little more that slaughters. [The Beast was taken prisoner, together with the false prophet who had performed miracles in his presence.] Which suggests that science and technology. Who make predictions of the future and perform technological "miracles". Will now be in the hands of matriarchal women.

[Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key of the abyss an a heavy chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent - that is, the Devil, or Satan and chained him up for a thousand years.] The ancient meaning of the abyss was the genital orifice of the Great Mother from which all creation came. So this could be a symbol of us all returning to the Great Mother. After a thousand years the dragon is let loose again. So it is again about the cycle of patriarchal and matriarchal societies.

Then comes The final Judgement, which finishes by saying [Whoever did not have his name written in the book of the living was thrown into the lake of fire.] Again it has to be said that judging and condemning others was not Jesus's style. What it probably means is that people who still are patriarchal in attitude, will soon die out. And only people who are matriarchal in character would be reincarnated on the Earth during the coming matriarchal age.

Then there is [The New Heaven and the New Earth,] This suggests that in a matriarchal society there will be a new reality. Which means in a matriarchal society everything on the Earth will become different. Because people will treat it in a different way. While in heaven there will be no longer an angry judgmental God or no God at all. So the New Heaven will be The Goddess who loves us all unconditionally.

The new Jerusalem appears and a loud voice says.- [It is done! I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end. To anyone who is thirsty I will give the right to drink from the spring of the water of life without paying for it. Whoever wins the victory will receive this from me: I will be his God, and he will be my son.] In saying that he is the first and last, it was Christianity that started the first truly patriarchal religion throughout Europe and later the world. That is to say a religion that worshipped a God without no Goddesses in it. Then when Matriarchy comes into being it will come about when men adopt the true teachings of Jesus and become like lambs. So in a sense it was Jesus who started the truly patriarchal age and it will be him who will end it. Or it could again be a reference to the matriarchal/patriarchal cycle.

He says that he "will give anyone the right to drink without paying for it". This is a hint that a matriarchal society will be completely different from a patriarchal society where probably ownership and trade will no longer exist. In saying that "we will all be sons of God", means that in matriarchal terms we will all be the children of the Goddess. The victory is the realisation that the Goddess loves us all unconditionally, because we are her children and will always be there for us if we allow her to.

The next chapter in on the new Jerusalem.- [One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came to me and said, "Come and I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb." The spirit took control of me, and the angel carried me to the top of a very high mountain. He showed me Jerusalem the Holy City, coming down out of heaven from God.] It then goes on to describe Jerusalem but didn't mention the wife of the lamb of God again. This oversight can be explained by the wife of the Lamb being Jerusalem. Which confirms that the new Jerusalem is a matriarchal society.

The New Jerusalem is described as,- [The city has no need of the sun or the moon, because the glory of God shines on it.] In other words this society instead of relying on matter for life, relies only on the support of The Great Mother. Then it goes on to say,- [And the Lamb is its lamp.] Which suggests that the Lamb is the lesser light, that is to say, lesser to the glory of the Goddess and the women who represent her on the Earth. [The gates of the city will stand open all day; they will never be closed, because there will be no night there.] This reminds one of the ancient Goddess city of Catal Huyuk, which never had city-walls at all and stood undefended for thousands of years. So it is suggesting that their no longer be any need to defend the city as there will be no longer any warfare. In saying that there will never be any night there is restating that the light of the Goddess will always be there to look after the city.

Then Jesus appears, he prevents John bowing down to him by saying [Don't do it! I am a fellow-servant of your...] perhaps this means a fellow-servant of the women who now rule. It certainly means that this is the humble Jesus we read about in the Gospels. He goes on to say.- ["Whoever is evil must go on doing evil, and whoever is filthy must go on being filthy; whoever is good must go on doing good, and whoever is holy must go on being holy."] This sounds more like the true Jesus who does not judge others and allows them to be themselves. During the patriarchal age men had to learn how to love themselves, while women learnt to love others. No blame can be put on to anyone for learning these lessons. So it is pointless to condemn a patriarchal man for being selfish and sadistic, as it is to condemn a patriarchal woman for being "weak" and masochistic. So it does mean that the author of Revelation did understand the true nature of Jesus. So in portraying him like an Old Testament prophet was only a way to allow Revelation to survive the patriarchal age, uncensored.

Jesus finishes by referring himself as [the bright morning star], which is a slight surprise as this is the planet Venus, who was named after a Goddess. Though John probably wouldn't know the planet Venus by this name. The original Semites name of the planet Venus was originally named after the Goddess Attart. In historic times the planet's name was changed to Attar a Semites God. Though there was a problem with this as Attar did later become the Goddess Ishtar. If the author was aware of the changing sex of the planet Venus among Semites people. This could be a way of trying to tell us something. Like, what is known as a God in one age, becomes a Goddess in another.

Also the Morning Star was also the name of Lucifer the "light-bringer". Later on Lucifer became one of the names of the Christian Devil. So to have Jesus call himself the Devil creates a problem.

This ambiguity continues in the next line which goes.- [The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"] We would assume that the Spirit was Jesus, but up until then it wasn't mentioned that he had the Bride with him and why suddenly called Jesus "the spirit". This could be a patriarchal oversight or it could be allowing us to question the sex of Jesus, and therefor of God.

In Conclusion John shows that he fears the censors of the future by threatening with punishment and plagues, to anyone who censors or adds to the book. Whether this was ever done is hard to say, but it probably escaped censorship because what is says only starts to make sense towards the end of the twentieth century.

So in conclusion, the story of Kali seems to be about women taking control of the world. While Revelation is about the same thing but suggests it will bring about a new reality. Revelation has been seen by many people as a "Doom and Gloom" prophecy about the end of the world. Which is probably true, but only of the patriarchal world. The New Jerusalem gives the possibility of a far better world for as all when the patriarchal world we live in has been destroyed.

We have already witnessed in our history how one world-view can change from one reality to another. When the reality of patriarchal religions was replaced by the reality of physical science. This then could in turn be taken over by the reality of a loving and caring Mother Goddess. So the apocalypse may hopefully be in the end, a war of words and ideas. Resulting in a better reality for us all.

Quotes come from the Good News Edition of the New Testament.