Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Masochistic Saviour God

The Masochistic Saviour God.

The submissive or masochist male who will allow Women to rule his life seems to be a increasing modern phenomenon. Up until recently any man who showed any masochistic or submissive qualities to Women have been despised and treated with contempt. Which is strange in Christian countries because Jesus Christ whom supposed to be the founder of Christianity both displayed and taught masochism. His teachings like; "Turn the other cheek", and "resist not evil" as well as his behaviour is allowing himself to be betrayed, whipped and crucified shows us extreme masochist behaviour.

Recently I read a book called "The Jesus Mysteries" by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. This book points out that the story of Jesus is not original or unique because many other pagan gods like Osiris, Orpheus, Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithras, and Pan also had similar histories.

The story of a god-man who was capable of miracles and able to heal the sick, who was condemned to death and crucified and then returned again from the dead was commonplace in pagan times. These gods died on trees or stakes but some like Dionysus and Jesus died on crosses. Most of these stories come from Mystery Plays unfortunately most knowledge of these religions were destroyed Christians and Moslems so we today don't know what the Mysteries were. But having studied these sacrificial Gods myself I have formed my own theory of what the Mysteries were.

Jesus in the Bible sacrificed himself to the Father God for the sin of mankind. This is interpreted by Christians that God was angry with mankind and Jesus sacrificed himself to appease the anger of his father. In other sacrificial gods all the sins of mankind are accepted by the saviour god and he is then abused, punished and put to death. So he in effect becomes the scapegoat for the sins of the community.

Now in all Mystery religions there is what is know as a outer and inner mystery. What we read about are the outer mysteries which I have to say do not make much sense except to people incapable of thinking for themselves. While all knowledge of the inner mysteries is unknown.

In the earlier Mystery plays the saviour god sacrifices himself to The Great Mother. For instance in the Nordic myths the gods Loki, Odin, and Bader, all sacrifice themselves to the Goddess Fredia. While even in the Jesus story, his crucifixion is witnessed by the three Marys. Who probably represented in earlier time the Triple Goddesses.

So from this we have to ask the question how can the voluntary sacrifice of the god-man to the Great Mother save the whole of humankind?

If we accept the Matriarchal theory which goes: In the past there was once a peaceful and caring Matriarchal age ruled by the Great Mother. Where Women ruled society and men were there devoted slaves. Then Women began to allow men more freedom and they in turn abused this freedom to take over and rule society through violence. Clearly if we look at the history of the last four or five thousand years we can see clearly that men have made a terrible job at ruling the world. Men's answer to all problems has been aggression and violence, .which has created a world of wars, genocide, poverty, fear, hatred and suffering. This was seen clearly two to three thousand years ago at the time of the saviour gods when there was still knowledge of the Ancient Matriarchal age. At this time there must of been a large number of people who wanted all the world to return to the Great Mother. But what was preventing this was violent men who were conquering and turning into slaves any people who attempted to live in peace and harmony.

This means that any people who attempted to set up a Matriarchal society of love and harmony would be quickly conquered by violent men who were only interested in loot and owning slaves. So it would be seen very clearly that the cause of all the wars, violence, poverty and suffering of the world was caused by these selfish and violent men. We know from history that the Amazons did for awhile attempt to fight fire with fire and armed themselves. But this clearly wasn't the answer because by becoming violent yourself you become exactly like the people you are fighting againest. In other words the only way Amazons could be free was to become as aggressive, ruthless and violence as the men they fought againest.

For this reason some Women decided on a different method and attempted to reform these violent men. To do this they gave them a vision of what a caring and loving world would be like and explaining to them this is only possible if you are willing to sacrifice yourself to the Great Mother. So a story was created to put forward a drama of heroic sacrifice. To some degree this seems to of been successful because all over Europe and the Middle East there were saviour god religions. So it seem many men were willing to sacrifice themselves to the Goddess in these Mystery religions. Unfortunately perhaps they became victims of their own success because the violent men who had no interested in sacrificing themselves saw these religions as a threat and set about destroying them.

It is of interest that early Christianity was very popular among the slaves of the Roman empire. This would make sense if many Matriarchal societies where victims of the conquering Romans so there would be a tradition of the worship of the Mother Goddess among the slaves. So they would be very sympathetic to a saviour god religion like early Christianity.

Attempts by the Roman ruling elite it seems to stamp out these saviour god religions at that time was unsuccessful. It seems that both Christianity and the Egyptian religion of the Goddess Isis and her saviour god Osiris was very popular among the common people and the troops of the Roman empire. Far too popular it seems to mount a holy war againest these religions. The ruling elite instead attempted to promote a very patriarchal religion based on the sun god, but this didn't receive enough support from the people. So in the end they decided that if you can't beat them join them.

The Roman rulers simply hijacked the Christian Religion and changed it to make it acceptable to them. They then set about destroying the Isisian religion and any Christian sect like the Egyptian Gnostics that didn't follow the type of Christianity put forward by the Roman elite. The actual teachings of Jesus like, "loving your neighbour", "turning the other cheek" was quickly ignored as the Roman rulers became more interested in the religion of Judaism and promoted this rather than what was taught by the early Christian Church.

Then the Christianity as a state religion and later the Moslems set about destroying all knowledge of the ancient religion of the Great Mother. With this knowledge finally forgotten by the common people they were then able to put forward the idea that Jesus sacrificed himself to a angry god to appease him. Rather then the idea that all men need to sacrifice themselves to the Great Mother before we can have a peaceful Matriarchal world once again.

Perhaps the mystery religions of the past were a few thousand years before their time. They were trying to promote a vision of a peaceful and loving world in a very violent age. Today in the 21st century we see in the West at least a different attitude to violent men. It is no longer acceptable for Western rulers to go out and conquer other countries. Nor is it acceptable for them to rule through fear and intimation. Western rulers today are forced to listen to the needs and desires of the common people and even respect the views and opinions of minorities.

So perhaps the sacrificial/saviour god image within Christianity acted as a Trojan Horse for the patriarchal age. On the collective unconscious level it created a archetype that has influenced all men in Christian countries for the last two thousand years. So that the idea of voluntary sacrifice has become acceptable to men which is starting to bear fruit in the last few hundred years. It has become commonplace for men today in the west to sacrifice themselves for their families and wives. Talking to young men today I find they their girlfriends or wives expect them to do housework and look after the children. It also seems more and more it is the wife not the husband is the dominant partner in relationships. In fact the whole status of Women has dramatically increased during the 20th century.

In more recent times there has been a rapid increase in Fem-Dom where an increasing amount of men want to worship and serve Women very much like the men of the last Matriarchal age. So are these men very much in tune with the archetypal sacrificial/saviour god? Clearly if all men are effected by this powerful archetypal it will save the world from violence, wars and suffering.

Although Christianity has mostly ignored the teachings of Jesus and have concentrated more on the Old Testament god of judgement and fear. The symbols of a sacrificial Jesus has been in all Churches as has the Great Mother in Roman Catholic Churches in the disguise of the Virgin Mary. And even though most Christian priests have only paid lip-service to the teachings of Jesus and the drama of his betrayal and crucifixion, this was still taught. So these the symbols, drama and teachings has probably been unconsciously influencing men in Christian Counties ever since Christianity became a state religion.

So although in the short term the attempt by Matriarchal Women to create a submissive saviour god in the past seems like a failure. The popularity of the sacrificial drama of Jesus Christ has brought about a archetypal change in men, which will allow men to surrender themselves to Women and bring about a new Matriarchal age. After all it is in Christian countries we see the rise in feminism during the 20th century and more recently the beginnings of Female Domination.